Levelling enchanting

I decided to level enchanting and mining on my new DK. Enchanting is expensive to level up.

From 1 to 300, it has cost 720g so far. Some of the enchants I put on vellums and will now see if they sell. Sold Greater stam on boots 11.5g each.

300 to 350 cost about 800g. Arcane Dust looks like something worth reselling for profit. I stopped counting the costs from 350 onward, but it’s fair to say this is a very expensive profession to level up.

Not long after I’d got to 375 or so, MMO-Champion released the enchanting guide.

I’ve never been into gold-making, like the serious readers at jm2c or greedy goblin; I don’t play the gold meta-game in its own right. One of my favourite blogs is wowenomics, though, it’s been on my published sites list for ages, and has a superb Resources page if you want to get into gold in a serious way.

That said, MMO’s guide worked well for me, since my alt is a Jewelcrafter, I just followed the advice on disenchanting rings made by a JC in bulk. That’s more than paid back my costs to level up. I suspect those tips will continue to work until Cataclysm starts looming, at which point I have no idea whether these enchanting mats will go up or down; probably crash. There might be a mini-boom later when Cataclysm is out if the mats are required to level up enchanting (unlikely, Blizzard will probably adjust the levelling-up process so they can use new-world mats).

I’ve found that selling scrolls of enchants does work, but you don’t want to overstock with them, since they can take a long time to sell and therefore you tie up your capital in scrolls with a low turnover. I’ve been pricing scrolls in the range of 1x to 2x cost, (remember to add in the cost of your vellum scroll, MMO’s spreadsheet doesn’t include that). I noticed a few scrolls sell more quickly than others: Icewalker, +stats, +health, +spell power and spell penetration. The fairly expensive crusher (attack power) and weapon enchants also sell. I guess the market is players with new gear wanting immediate gratification, paying so much for a scroll.

Just last night I got about 400 rings made up, took a while to craft and disenchant them all! The infinite dusts still sell for 4g each on my server, so I can offload them that way plus with some scrolls. The cosmic essence sell much more slowly than dust, so I try to use some of them in scrolls.

I chose enchanting as my trade profession because:

  • I’ve never had it before on a character
  • I want to disenchant my items whilst levelling in Northrend and Cataclysm
  • it has enough stamina on rings to make it viable for tanks.

I used the guide at wow-professions to level up.

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  • Hey thanks for the mention!  Good luck with enchanting.  I’ve found that it is really the high-end weapon vellums for that make the most profit.  Also, might help to know that you can D/E many of the items you can buy from the Wintergrasp vendor so if you’ve got extra marks or shards laying around… there’s some free G just waiting to be had.

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