New LFG is win

I really like the upcoming changes for LFG. It shows a well-thought out solution, which understands the problems it’s trying to solve too.

For example, having the system teleport you to and from the dungeon is an amazing change. That alone will create usage of the LFG system, because of the time it saves travelling; and allows people to keep doing their daily quests or whatever until the full team is assembled.

So often, the time-sink in a group is every lazy bastard waiting for someone else to fly to the stone.

On balance, I see the rationale for the need-greed and loot system restrictions such as armour to those who can use it, and think it too is very good. There might be some issues, but only if you naively think that the system is The Man and the party has no /p to chat about specific drops, or if you forget that you can negotiate with people. The default distribution will eliminate a lot of ninja problems, and human interaction lets you override any distribution problems.

Another incentive is that random dungeons will give more emblems. Brilliant. That will drive even more users into the system, again increasing the usage.

There’s a phenonema called the ‘network effect’ which means the larger a system is, the more people involved in it, the more it becomes the standard method of PUGing and the more valuable it becomes in its own right. It’s self-reinforcing.

I think Blizzard’s mix of incentive and systems in the LFG tool will make it succeed. Wowraid has a nice FAQ on all the other items in case you’re not fully up-to-speed, such as the ‘vote kick’ and the ‘disenchant button’ (which still requires a disenchanter in the party, it’s not a robot), and a sensible ‘deserter’ debuff.

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9 comments to New LFG is win

  • all seems to be though of but what do you do when halfway you come to the conclusion that the people in your group fail so hard baby Jesus cries …

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I guess, if you’re good, and have four sucky players, you’d either have to pursue it or just get the deserter buff and fallback to the new /LFG channel.

  • Metaneira
    Twitter: sostrate

    I’m tentatively excited about the new changes.  I hadn’t caught the bit about it teleporting you, but that’s brilliant.  Does it port you back to where you were when you entered the queue after you’re finished?

    The only thing that gave me pause was the line about a minimum gear requirement for instances, but I imagine it’s going to be something more like how you should be in about heroic blues in order to do ToC5, or heroic epics to do the new IC 5 mans, maybe, and not the ludicrously high standards puggers use now.  Gearing up isn’t difficult and there’s no reason people who have just dinged 80 should jump in and do the IC 5 mans, unless they’re being willingly carried.

    Still, I worry about 5 mans like the one I did here: ToC5 heroic, final boss.  That’s my tank on top of the list.  Oy.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Yep Meta, teleports you to and fro your previous location (eg. where-ever you were before whilst doing daily quests). You can even (somehow) zone to the city and back if you forget something (eg. bank).

    ps. it’s a sad day when the tank out-dps the deeps.

  • honorshammer
    Twitter: honorshammer

    The problem is you are dealing with 4 strangers who (juding by BG chat) will not have the groups interest, but their own as a motivator.

    Spell power cloth drops. Moonkin wants it. The group members see their own gold income from DE mats or letting the Moonkin have it. What do you think is going to happen?

    This won’t matter much for 3.3, but it will be a bigger deal in Cataclysm when those 5 man Heroics are full of upgrades again.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      I’m just not so sure any of those are new issues, Honors. If you re-read the comment, imagining there is no new LFG system, your concerns would be true to live content too. In Cataclysm, perhaps it will be mercenary initially for boomkins though, you’re right.

  • Aaron

    Anyone know what the gear requirements for just plain 5 man heroics are? (NOT ICC 5 mans or H ToC) I’m worried that when I ding 80 on my mage, i’m going to have to run regs for 3 weeks…. just to do some damn heroics -.-’

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      If you can do 1000 dps at least, you shouldn’t get vote-kicked. Note that’s against L82 mobs, so you need some to-hit or your dps will suck.

      Edit: to clarify, after a well-made post from Cochoa below, you shouldn’t get kicked at 1K dps, but it’s fairly low indeed.

  • Cochoa

    Come on, I do close to 1k dps as a blood DK tank (i.e. with mitigation/healing talents) at lvl 75 in frost presence wearing defense gear in several slots. A fresh 80 might not be hit capped, but 1k dps at 80 sounds terrible. Mages were doing 400+ dps at lvl 60 in vanilla.  I was with a lvl 75 arcane mage the other day who pulled 1.8k+. That said, I was with a lvl 74 lock yesterday who was below 500. That one we kicked after we wiped because of low dps leading to boss enrage. Recount reports apm too, it’s pretty obvious who’s slacking.
    Dungeon Finder is a fantastic feature, especially for people leveling up. The players you stumble into… hit or miss obviously.

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