Loot, progress and other good reads

A few really top-notch articles over the last few days, and one I just published on dk.info from a new contributor there.

I’m an admin and moderator at deathknight.info, and have recently started looking for contributors to its blog. I’d like it to be a community voice for DKs. One of those new authors, Draxxiss, wrote a superb debut on loot.

I do take guest authors at pwnwear too if you’re more biased to tanking and leadership.

Gold DKP: loot runs where you bid in-game gold for an item that drops, then pay for it. The gold gathered through the raid is then shared with the raiders at the end. You can buy items or just earn a lot of money. Great way to handle quick farm raids like ToC. Read the article over at dkinfo.

This is, I must admit, a system I had not heard of before even though it’s not new.

Cold Comfort posted on a related topic. How do you schedule progression raids when the gear you get from a Heroic 10 isn’t much better than say Ulduar 25? What can motivate people? He included a chart showing the various gear levels you get from the raids, visually showing the problem: how do you enthuse people to raid when there’s not much reward?

Non-elitist raider wrote about “fitting in”, which is great guidance for people moving from one guild to another. What does the RL and GM want? How do you make a new home, actually feel like home? She also writes quality clear raid strategies.

Related to strategies, Hinen posted on Northrend Beasts DPS as a DK, with specific tips.

Wrathy’s post on ‘what is a main tank’ is a good read too. It appeals to the idealism in me, and the pride I have as a tank. I commented there however that its only in progression guilds you’d have The Main Tank, and even then you still need 2 or 3 others depending on the encounter, which is a tank corps.

Lastly, not really related to progression and loot, but Kadomi listed a few addons I didn’t know about (vendor shrinker is ftw).

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  • Thanks for the link Gravity.  I’ve been interested in the GDKP idea as well, and I have two articles coming up that are related: one on “The Spoils of War” discussing distributing the gold guilds earn back to the members and another on supplementing that gold income by organizing GDKP runs.  They’ll be up Monday and Thursday of next week, all things holding together.

  • RJK

    EPGP has worked for us, we have had it about 4 months now, after having loot council for 2 years prior.  :)

  • We’re using epgp as well, and it is a pretty good system.
    I actually prefer suicide kings myself, having used every system except gold dkp in the past.
    By the way, you’ve had some really good articles lately, Gravity!

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Thanks Hinen. Not being able to play WoW gave me a bit more time to write about it; can’t wait to settle back home with my rig and broadband. I liked Suicide (or that style) if it’s in a casual guild with some “don’t be an ass” cultural imperative too.

  • We have a guy on our server who is doing gdkp runs… and there really is a polarising effect on the player base.  Some people like it, some hate it.  However, it is a GREAT way to earn a bit of extra cash if you are not interested in loot.  I am a bit more socialist than that and im happy to hand out purple pixels for doing the work, not for a trading commodity.  But as long as it is declared up front those are the loot rules, who am I to say no to other peoples idea of fun?  I don’t have to go ;)

  • Frett
    Twitter: Hebespunk

    Cold Comfort’s post really interested me!  (Not the gold dkp one, crazy bastards – we run a rank based loot system, but once a person with rank has won an item, he’s downranked for 2 weeks so has to roll against others…  We added the downranked bit for WotLK and we’ve not had ANY loot dramas since :o )

    We run, and VERY successfully i might add, the system where we decide on the night (from raid sign ups and class balance) where the raid is going!  As we only raid Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only on the 25mans (we don’t plan any 10mans, they’re just free for alls), its shit for us to have to cancel any raid due to people not turning up for wipe nights.

    Recently, we’ve been cancelling Tuesday night raids due to lack of people turning up… Now, instead of running normal TotC on Wednesday reset, we will run it on a random night, so people turn up more nights incase they might miss the EZ gearing run.

    It worked!  Since downing Anub’Arak on normal TotC, we’ve killed Steelbreaker, Yogg+3(Legendary night!), Hodir, Thorim, KKK and Saronite.  We had a 2 week break from TotC – the random disconnects, then waiting 5-10mins for someone to re-connect was just too frustrating for us, then Wednesday we went back into TotC and killed The Beast for the first time, then 8 attempts later killed Jaraxxus :O

    Seeing someone say “they had complaints from Raiders saying ‘How dare you do a raid we weren’t expecting, nor wanting to do” is just UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  We’re an easy going kind of guild – i mean we stayed out of buggy TotGC just to make sure we were still having fun at the cost of server progression – we don’t kick raiders out of the raid having a bad night, we don’t oversubscribe numbers so we’ve 5-10 backups every night (we usually have 1 or 2 extras logging during the night)…

    Now, i don’t think we’ve the type of people who only log for easy gearing runs.  (And we definately have ZERO complaints about any raids  we do or not do – infact, on the day us officers were planning to go back into TotGC, a few of our veteran raiders were complaining we weren’t wiping in TotGC :D now that made us smile :) ).  I think we just have normal human nature where people think “URGH, i can’t BE ARSED tonight” rather than “I’ve had my gear”… …

    I can tell you what though, if we had ANY complaints, i bet we’d just say “Fuck you” – kick that person or persons out of the raid, then maybe the guild if they continue to bitch and moan about it.  I would rather cancel a raid night than go farm some older instance.  (And i know the other officers feel exactly the same).

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Wanted to link to Cold Comfort’s great post on GDKP, taking a leadership perspective.

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