New sidebar navigation

I hope finding articles is a lot easier with this new sidebar navigation system I’ve put in. Let me know. I think it might be a bit in-your-face orange, there’s a grey theme too.

I also tidied up my categories a bit so there won’t be duplicate content in two Tanking subcategories; though a tank article might also appear in a Raid or Leadership category.


Find by theme now, too

Lastly, got a new ‘find by theme/ tag’ option in the menu bar. Not sure which tags to include there yet, I’ve got a few like avoidance and cataclysm.

Other bloggers might be curious, the sidebar is called Section Widget, which I combined with a shortcode plugin to generate posts by category.

I’m now using a single wide sidebar, so that this new navigation system might look a bit tidier than when it was stuffed into one column.

Would love some feedback from anyone visual or good with layouts.

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