Disabled SEO comments and more

I just deactivated the plugin I’d been using for a while, SEO Comments. It contributed 1% of my total traffic over the measured period, which is good, but… the bounce rate on those visitors was a lot higher than for other search visitors (nearly 90% vs 65%), and I didn’t like the impact on the UI. I tracked these stats with google adsense, which lets you use a segment as a filter on all its reports.


The plugin gave you a new ?cid page which listed all the comments from that user, but it wasn’t in an intuitive layout.

In the end, I’d prefer commenters to have their blog link in the actual comment page itself and not a confusing cid page.

Installed the fancy tag navigator too, looks nice and kind of fun to play with. Might motivate me to use tags more, also.

bounceStuck some comments and feedburner stats in the sidebar too, now they’re respectable numbers. Apparently, displaying comment stats creates a self-reinforcing cycle by letting readers know this site has some community around it.

Lastly, now have a download of all my RSS feeds so people can see my whole blogroll by importing it into their own reader.

Mobile readers

You’ll be really pleased with this new MobilePress plugin, makes the site really useable on the run. Installed it and it’s working right away, very nice.

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