The end of loser DKs is nigh!

I am most pleased that Cataclysm might clean out some loser DKs alts who clog up PUG raids, gearing themselves up, playing badly and giving us a bad name.

Since there’s a gear reset and with new races and a much rejuvenated L1 to 58 levelling process, we should see the old classes getting some love again. That should leave some DK alts on the bench.

Generally, I dislike people who play really badly and make no effort to improve themselves, and (worse still) don’t even type proper sentences (I hate l33t speak). As a GM, I would not let them into the guild.

The DK is the easy alt class. I think they’ve taken the mantle formerly held by ‘huntards’, which was arguably the easiest and fastest class to level, resulting in L70/L80 hunters who otherwise would have got lost in a rat maze due to their lack of any intelligence.

Related aside, DKs should know how to do a jump shot for use with Icy Touch.

Which to be your main in Cataclysm and which alt to level 2nd?

If I was going to level a new class from scratch it’d be a shaman or priest. I’d be tempted to level a warrior (to be a second tank, of course). I think a goblin warrior would be funny, much like gnome warriors, they’re just win out of the box. I still remember healing an gnome MT on Nefarian (end boss of BWL), that was so epic and ridiculous at the same time.

Priest and shaman because they’re healing pwnage, and I really enjoy healing.

On my USA account I’ve my DK (will remain my main, not even a second thought), L65 druid, L70 mage and a L30s hunter and warrior. Once my DK is L85 maybe I’d think about levelling one of them or a new class. Not sure.

Most realistically though, I’d just start the never-ending gearing process on my DK. I enjoy it.

Hopefully by then I’ll have the name Gravity again rather than Industry for my DK. No reply on my offer to the current nameholder to delete his character. :(

Less DKs?

Certainly with this kind of decision-making being made by every single player, some of the current L80 DKs will stay on the shelf, and I hope at L85 we’ll see a more even distribution of classes (ie. less DKs).

I hope we’ll have more bear tanks. Where’d they all go?

Thanks to TyphoonAndrew for this thought.

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15 comments to The end of loser DKs is nigh!

  • Wraithwail(caelsetraz)

    to be quite honest i am tired of nooby people playing the deathknight. whenever i enter a raid as mt or ot i always get shitand they think they need to tell me i need to keep the healer safe. ive known to keep the healer while i was tanking on my dwarven warrior in bc. im willing to bet if i was playing my warrior that stereotypical attitude would not have been taken with my class. i hope in cataclysm that we see a change in tone, to see my dk treated with respect as i earn it would be nice.

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