Paid name change: making names available

I’m very happy about having just renamed my reroll DK to Gravity. I’m quite attached to the name. It had been taken by someone on my server, probably an L1 placeholder alt.


Thanks to Feist and Ren man for the tip: you can raise a GM ticket and they’ll force the name to be available. I expect the victim gets a name-change when he next logs onto his placeholder.

Remarkable how much attachment I have to the name. I was pretty reluctant and sad to reroll a DK in the first place, after investing so much of myself into the original Gravity. So, having my current DK with the name Gravity does somehow help me carry forward the legacy, for just US$10 cost.

I like how for a tank, the name Gravity makes you think of density, of pulling things towards me and of being solid.

I’d be curious to hear any comments from people on their own names, or how you came to choose it.

On my gaming situation

I can’t wait to get back to Australia, get some serious broadband and my gaming rig set up. Being in this apartment with crap WLAN and a slow laptop is horrible. It’s like being tortured; the game is almost unplayable and I have so much gearing up to do on Gravity Mk 2.

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17 comments to Paid name change: making names available

  • I generate all my character names out of WoW using a little windows program called NameGen.exe.  You select from various name dictionaries (BritishMale, JapaneseFemale, NorseMale, Stars, Gods, etc.) and it generates 10 names for you.  If you like one more than others, you click it to add it to the seed pool and re-generate.  I think all but two or three of my character names have come that way, including what is now just my blogging pseudonym.
    I’m not a heavy RP person, but I do think of each of my characters as having some kind of history.  In terms of investment, I don’t tend to get heavily attached, but that being said I did choose to resurrect the name of my first Tankadin on the US realms when I race transferred from Horde.

  • Perditio

    Most of my character’s names come from latin roots, I just change some endings to make them sound a bit better.
    Perditio comes from the latin ablative I think, meaning ‘to be diseased’.

  • I named my Deathknight Cenotaph.   Either because there is an empty grave without me somewhere, being a deathknight and all, or I am that empty grave, my own walking memorial to my former me, my soul being elsewhere after I joined the ranks.

  • Uru

    Morale of the story, I could log in tomorrow and have my name stealed from someone, only because he paid to have it?
    this is hilarius at less,I think blizzard is going nuts for dollars..

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      No. Fail.

      • Uru

        Could you explain better what happened then?
        Don’t take as it was an attack to you, because it wasn’t …your post isn’t really clear on how such a thing can happen .
        “you can raise a GM ticket and they’ll force the name to be available. I expect the victim gets a name-change when he next logs onto his placeholder” : what i understand from your words is that you can force the taking of a name someone already got, without his authorization…but maybe it’s only me and i misunderstood, I’d only like to know ;)
        I’m only a bit worried , all here.

        • Gravity
          Twitter: gravitydk

          Sure, but think about it logically and you’d have worked this out. :) Firstly, I checked this, and whoever was called Gravity was below L10 because they did not appear on Armory. Secondly, Blizzard would never allow me to have taken the name from an active, higher-level character; that’d be stupid, and since Blizz aren’t stupid you’d have to disregard that possibility.
          Therefore, the previous Gravity was below L10, and I suspect inactive too, so the GM acted.

  • Shimidori

    I get my names from books I read. I also generally have a japanese/english dictionary on hand since I like how it sounds. My DK’s name means green death. Rather fitting I thought.

  • I’ve been trying to get my first (rogue) toon his ‘proper’ name for quite some time. My problem is the person with it is lvl 60 – the account is inactive, and they haven’t played it in well over two years, though, so it looks like I might get some love soon.
    Long ago I tried to pry it from them by offering in-game gold for them to change their name so I could change mine, but quickly discovered that not only did they not respond to in-game mail, but they were never on (I friended them – before I knew there were ways to check their activity).
    Grats on getting the name!

  • Draenors

    I once requested a GM to disband a guild, so I could take the name. It only had one mid-level character in it, and he had been offline for about half a year according to Armory. The GM responded that he had as much right to the guild-name as I  had. I suppose that they only change (guild)names for characters below level 10. Still, considering that one player on an (I assume) closed account was taking up the guild name, I don’t think it would have been too unreasonable to give it to me.
    (Me and my guildies eventually decided not to create a new guild at all… and the player with the other guild actually started playing again :O)

  • Futhark

    As I’ve said before, I’m obsessed with names.  Very happy you got your ultimate moniker!
    Though, now I want to ask a GM to free up Odin…..

  • Shazear
    Twitter: Shazear

    My priest’s name is Shizukana which means peace in Japanese.  From that point on, most of my toons have “Shiz” in the name.  So my DK was formed I figured he’s really the opposite of my Holy priest – so he became UnShiz.

  • Globin

    Alright, not to rezz old posts, but I have many characters, and almost all of them follow a theme based on the story of my son’s birth.
    Bilirubin,  an undead warlock, with orange skin tones.  My son was born sometime prior to WoW being released, and he developed elevated bilirubin levels, turning him into an orange baby about a week after birth.  The skin tone was rather striking, primarily because he was born not breathing, which made him very blue shortly after birth, the term for that being-
    Cyanotic, a draenei shaman, very blue, no face tentacles. Along the same vein (ha ha!),
    Globin, a dwarven paladin, orange hair and bushy beard. I was going to go with Hemoglobin, but I was nervous about having a name with “Hemo” among all the immaturity I’ve come to expect from online gaming.
    (now, having a theme, I had to continue it)
    Carotene, a human priestess, was my attempt to get my wife to play, by modeling a character after her…hair is slightly red-auburn, very fair skin tone, healer…had to be named after the protein.
    Fustigate, a human rogue, darkest skin tone and bald. Initially intended to be a combat-maces rogue, that dream ended in 3.0. Fustigate is an archaic term for blunt trauma, like lacerate is for a slice-wound.
    Leukocyte, a dwarven hunter, using the lightest skin tone, with white hair, and a white pointy beard/’stache. I was kinda angling for t-cell or white blood cell, and this was the closest I could get (in reality, he just looks OLD). In related names, he has a Boar named dGame, and a black widow from Duskwood named JeanetteLee.
    Islet, a night elf druid.  My sister-in-law created this character, she’s a diabetic, and when I told her about my naming theme, that’s what she came up with.
    Glycemic, a gnome warlock, bald. Also named by my sister-in-law (my brother and I were trying hard to find something she’d be interested in playing!).
    Pallor, a human death knight, light-blue skin tone, also bald. Pretty obvious.
    Encephalo, a tauren shaman, broken horn, black. Name was formed from a contraction of “Spongeform Encephalitus”, or mad cow disease.  I figured since my other horde char was based in sickness, all of them ought to be. I was going to make an Orc named Aichwonenwon, with the piggier nose…but that seemed rather like a stretch.
    Finally, one without a medical origin:
    Ellowyn, a night elf druid on an RP server. I didn’t think I could get away with my usual theme there, so I chose instead some elements of my own, real name.

  • warblegarble

    Hello, I found your site through some googling since I was in the same situation as you, where I wanted a name which was taken. I ticketed a GM but I didn’t have as much luck as you did, with them telling me that the name I wanted was taken and they couldn’t do anything. The name I wanted also did not show up in wowarmory, and I’ve had them on my friends list for the past couple months, never seeing them log on. So basically, I’m just curious how you got the GMs to free up the name you wanted. Did you pay for a name change already then put in the ticket, or ticket first then did a paid name change?

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      I raised ticket first, then paid for name change after GM responded positively.
      I did tell the GM I wanted a paid name-change, so if you’ve not done that, perhaps the financial benefit to Blizzard was a factor.

      I also wrote to the character who had the name, offering gold, but had no reply. I presume you’ve tried that too. Good luck, I know how important it is to get the right name.

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