Are DK tanks being benched?

I hear anecdotal evidence of DK tanks being benched so that our tanking brethren do the business instead. Whilst promoting the rawr:tankDK article in official wow forums, I read a thread there asking “where did all the DK tanks go?” (being the official forums I would normally immediately disregard everything as drivel)… but remembered long-time reader Kenshi commenting he’s now 3rd tank (he’s in a progression guild).

He’d shown a picture from guildies too. They’d read the “warriors are swiss army, DKs are from lego” post and thought maybe they’d joke about it rub some salt on the wound(see comments). Here it is.

I disagree. DKs are not the fail tank.
I disagree. DKs are not the fail tank.

I don’t get why a progression guild, or anyone, would claim DK tanks are universally weaker than other tanks. All the tanks, side-by-side have been largely normalised. Our big damage-reducing cooldowns are similar, our threat is similar (paladins still win there), stamina pool is similar (except droods, but that’s intentional) and so on.

There is some pro and con to each class. The ‘how do I tank‘ survey talked about it. None of the bloggers’ surveys I read said “my class is unbalanced and weak”. EJ seems fairly agreed that we lack threat in high-end non-melee progression fights, fair enough, but that doesn’t mean we suck everywhere.

Paladins don’t have a short-cooldown interrupt nor any gap-closing talents, both of which a DK does have, and both are valuable for tanks, yet maintankadins are seen as pwnage. What deficincies does a DK have that could offset those advantages and get us benched? Threat perhaps in a small number of encounters. It’s just a silly circular argument. So why would common people think DKs are weak?

I might say, it’s because there are so many goddamn loser DKs out there who ruin the reputation of the class. But that wouldn’t apply to a guild like Kenshi’s, which is progressive and you’d expect is updated on theory.

I might say, it’s because droods have loads of HP, so the World of Pugcraft mentality of “HP = tank” might mean DKs are less attractive. But that’s wrong too, blood tanks have slightly more HP than their plate peers, and only less than bears.

Maybe, this is all I can surmise: it’s just a phase of misinformation that will pass.

…or am I missing something? Is there a movement against DK tanks I’ve just not heard about? (If so, what a bunch of retards).

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  • guest

    Maybe it is because DKs are awful to heal.
    I guess the overall damage taken is more or less equal between all tanking classs even though I have never really checked it, but the Dk`s damage taken is unpredictable. He might get no damage für 5 seconds but then in a moving phase drops down to 30% health. Since all encounters are really plannable and moving phases are inevitable , I think the unpredictable damage taken by DK tanks is awful and selfhealing does not solve that problem. They either need much more HP than a Paladin, warrior or more damage avoidance abilities.  Imagine a tankhealer who could heal for 50K most of the time but in a critical situation just 5k ( would be annoying for a tank wouldn`t it?).

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