Jewelcrafting: Profit!

Here’s a debut post from Tykot. – Gravity

Across all the guides and strategies I read, not to mention peeking at Ensidia’s armory profiles, Jewelcrafting stands out as the obvious #1 profession.  Not just for DKs, but for any class in general since it couples stellar PVE bonuses with premium moneymaking potential.  But despite JC being the most recommended profession for DKs, I found little content educating fledgling DKs on how to really maximize the profession.

The obvious: JC-only gems, Monarch Crab, Ruby Hare

The less obvious: how to make money using JC.

Personally, I find that the economic game is interwoven with the PVE game.  The more money you make the better your position to acquire gear upgrades.  My BC guild was trapped in SSC/TK level content for a stretch, but I had the gold to purchase BT-crafted gear and epic-gems because I spent time learning the profession ropes.   And as a new character approaching 80, money is as much a concern of mine as anything.  Cold-weather flying: 1000 gold.  Dual-specialization: 1000 gold.  Epic flying: 5000 gold.  Oh yeah, gear?  Readily available epics for…. you guessed it, lots of gold!

If you’re rolling a DK today you must have a L55 character already.  Most of you have a L70 from BC, or perhaps a L80 now.  I mention this because JC has synergies with Alchemy, Enchanting, and Mining.  And since you’re committing to JC, you can’t possibly maximize your outlets unless you use an alt to take up the others.  Normally, I wouldn’t dare suggest you roll an alt just for this purpose, but DKs must have an alt 55+, so use it if you can.

The System

Prospecting Saronite Ore and Converting the Byproduct

There are guides across the internet that provide subsets of this information, but I never found one spot with it all collected together involving the 3 professions (Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting), nor one spot that mentioned all of the outlets I use as I turn product over.

If you prospect Saronite Ore, you’ll receive a smattering of green-quality and blue-quality gems.  There are three reasonable outlets for these gems.

Jewelcrafting Only

Sell Cut Green-Quality Gems

You won’t have the recipes to cut the blue-qualities initially, but you can vendor-train enough relevant green-quality recipes to cut them.  Pricing as always is server specific, but there is at least some demand for these gems, especially red-colored since that provides strong offensive bonuses for most classes, and when people are leveling up they don’t necessarily want to fill gem slots with pricier blue-quality gems.  Initially, try cutting 25% of your red-colored into a few different cuts and see what happens.  I would recommend Runed, Bold, Delicate, and Bright to begin with.

My usual return per cut green-quality gem: 6G

Sell Raw Blue-Quality Gems

This one kind of hurts.  It’s tough to sell them raw because you know you’re losing out on profit you could be making by cutting them.  But many of the blue-quality recipes would cost you your daily tokens.  You need to decide for yourself if you’d rather buy 1 or 2 cuts for each blue-quality, or save your tokens for epic-quality recipes.  I recommend checking the AH and seeing what the pricing differences are between raw and cut blue-quality gems.

If you decide not to purchase a few blue-quality cuts, like myself, then you can still make great money selling raw.  Scarlet Ruby in particular fetches a lot since it’s used by both DPS casters and healing classes, not to mention it’s a conversion material for Transmute: Cardinal Ruby.

My usual return per raw blue-quality gem: 15G

Sell Cut Blue-Quality Gems

Obviously, you can charge a premium for cut gems.  People like to hit the AH and get exactly what they want, now, without needing to ask someone else to finish a process like cutting.  Right now the only blue-quality recipe I’ve invested in is Solid Sky Sapphire, and I find that it’s been very worth it to me.  A raw Sky Sapphire sells for 6G on my server, but the Solid cut sells for 25-50G.

My usual return per cut blue-quality gem: 25G

Jewelcrafting & Enchanting (Disenchanting)

An advantage of this route is the the Auction House does not charge a deposit on enchanting mats, so you can post a ton of them, or undercut to your hearts desire to quickly bankroll your next prospecting run.  If you’re not much into Algebra, brace yourself (okay, it’s not that bad!)

Keep reading for income-generating strategies.

Bloodstone Band, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Crystal Citine Necklace, and Sun Rock Ring

These are the four vendor-trainable recipes that will yield you a truckload of enchanting mats.  And between the four you can turn over every type of green-quality gem except for Shadow Crystal.  Each ring you craft will require 2x Crystallized Earth and 1x gem.  Each of these crafts yields the same disenchanted materials:

You can work out what the value of that is by replacing each material with its AH value, multiplying across the board and summing it, and then subtracting the cost of the Crystallized Earth, so it ends up looking like:

[Value of Disenchanted Jewelry or 1x Green Quality Gem] = (.75 * 1.5 * [ID value]) + (.20 * 1.5 * [LCE value]) + (.05 * 1.0 * [SD value]) – (2 * [Cost of Crystallized Earth])

The Enchantrix module of Auctioneer will give you this information on your tooltip.  (Sidenote: if you don’t have the Auctioneer addon, go get it!)

My usual return per green-quality gem: 3.5G

Blood Sun Necklace and Jade Dagger Pendant

These are the two vendor-trainable recipes that will yield 1x Dream Shard.  Both require 1x Eternal Earth and 4 green-quality gems.  Between the two you can turn over every type of green-quality gem except for Shadow Crystal.

[Value of Disenchanted Jewelry or 4x Green Quality Gems] = ([DS value] - [Cost of Eternal Earth])

A Dream Shard sells for 20G on my server, and Eternal Earth costs me 6G, so:

My usual return per green-quality gem: 3.5G

Jewelcrafting and Alchemy (Transmutation)

You can convert greens into meta-gem diamonds and there is no daily cooldown on this.  The huge upside to this is each craft can proc extra for Transmute specialists.  In fact, I had a 5x proc on a single Skyflare this week.

Skyflare Diamond

Requires 1x Eternal Air, 1x Bloodstone, and 1x Chalcedony.  Again, same simple concept to derive value:

[Value of Metagem or 2x Green-Quality Gems] = ([SD value] – [Cost of Eternal Air])

Airs sell for 16G on my server, and I’ve been selling uncut Skyflares for 40G.

My usual return per green-quality gem: 12G (not counting extra procs)

Earthsiege Diamond

Requires 1x Eternal Fire, 1x Dark Jade, and 1x Huge Citrine.  Fires sell for 40G on my server, and I’ve been selling uncut Earthsieges for 50G.

[Value of Metagem or 2x Green-Quality Gems] = ([ED value] – [Cost of Eternal Fire])

My usual return per green-quality gem: 5G.

Now, I was lucky enough to get the Austere cut during a Utgarde Pinnacle run, and I’ve been selling the Austeres for 90G, which is a huge boost.

My usual return per green-quality gem: 20G.

Tip: Farming Eternal Fire

I’ve found a great place to farm Eternal Fires on my server, a cave called Frostfloe Deep in Storm Peaks [62,42].  I think I discovered it around L76 or so from one of the various articles I read.  I can farm about 10 Eternal Fires per hour, and I usually don’t have any competition in there.  And as you guys know, us DKs don’t really have a problem farming anything : )

Maybe an economist would tell you that farming your fires doesn’t bring you any extra return per gem because there’s still an opportunity cost involved.  You could flat-out sell farmed fires instead of using them in Earthsiege transmutes.  I’m no economist, but that sounds correct!

However, I like to farm them, because 1) it’s worth about 500G/hour to me on my server if I was to sell the fires on the AH, and 2) could be even more because I’m using them in transmutes which could proc extras.  The last time I did a batch, I transmuted 30x and ended up with 42x diamonds.  Knowing I cut them at 90G each, my extra income from transmutes was over 1000G.  And knowing that it took me 3 hours to farm what ended up as 42 Eternal Fires (theoretically speaking), my farming yielded me 560G/hour, and I feel more satisfied with my use of time.

Putting It All Together:

Determining a Price Ceiling for Purchasing Saronite Ore

What you need to do is figure out what outlets are available to you, and work backwards to figure out what you’d be willing to pay for Saronite Ore.

Prospecting Saronite Ore yields:

  • 20% chance of any one of the 6 green-quality gems.
  • 4% chance of any one of the 6 blue-quality gems.

So on average each prospect (5 ore) should net you 1.2 green-quality and 0.24 blue-quality gems.  Multiply that by 4 and discover that a stack of Saronite Ore returns on average 4.8 green-quality and .96 blue quality gems (I just round up to 5 and 1 respectively).

[Value of 20x Saronite Ore] = (5 * [Average return on a green-quality gem]) + (1 * [Average return on a blue-quality gem])

Conservatively speaking, if I just plugged in an average return of 3.5G for each green-quality gem and 15G for each blue-quality gem, then each stack of Saronite is worth 32G to me.  I currently purchase them between 12G and 15G each.   Oh, did I not mention beforehand there are huge margins going on here? /victory

Bonus Information

I found a website, wowpopular, which scans WoW’s Armory US and EU sites and compiles the most popular choices for players across the world.  You can filter by class and spec, which is particularly handy for discovering what gems are being used, and probably the most frequent movers.

The following is my own “cheat sheet” of what common cuts I would research on your AH:

  • Red – Runed, Bold, Delicate, Bright
  • Yellow – Rigid, Thick
  • Blue – Solid, Sparkling, Stormy (PvP)
  • Orange – Luminous, Potent, Inscribed
  • Green – Enduring, Seer’s
  • Purple – Shifting, Purified, Royal

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier tradeskilling than with my current Jewelcrafting/Alchemy/Enchanting setup.  I hope this starter guide shines light on what’s possible for the many DKs taking JC in an effort to maximize their character.

Remember to diversify your outlets as much as possible to move your green-quality gems faster!

If you are L65 and 375 JC you can begin your daily quests from Timothy Jones in Dalaran [41,35], start picking up those tokens ASAP.

You can hit 450 Alchemy AND complete Master of Transmutation as low as L68.  You can also complete epic-gem transmutes at 450 Alchemy regardless of level.

Gravity has also pointed out to me a guide from MMO Champion. The guide primarily focuses on AHing using Enchanting, and offers some great tips including disenchanting macros.  I’m going to take a peek at the Quick Auctions 2 addon it mentions and see what benefits I can glean!

I wish everyone the best out there!  Please don’t buy all the Saronite on my server!

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6 comments to Jewelcrafting: Profit!

  • nice guide but there is a problem with guides like this on here and on MMO-Champion and that is that they raise the prices on all the servers and people doing this already get gimped. After the Mmo-guide I had  25% less profit due to the fact all the mats went skyrockted.

    these guides are good to educate the nub but Terrabad for the people already doing this.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      I think guides like this one don’t have the same economic effect as the MMO-C guide, which has now completely crashed the infinite dust market on my server.

      However, scrolls of enchants still sell even now. So I guess it’s about adapting.

  • that is true but it hurt my pocket alot as Blacksmith // JC :)

    I’ve even had to lvl an alt to get saronite :)

  • pennah

    also keep in mind that in the next patch alchemists will be able to transmute saronite to titanium with no cooldown, so prices for saronite will likely be going up, and titanium going down.
    Of course, one could bank on this and make some gold off of it. I saw an estimation (perhaps here) that saronite will go up 40%

    • Tykot

      The 3.3 transmute change should be interesting, although I’ve seen several people speculate just the opposite:  saronite ore/bars will stay roughly the same in price while titanium bars will come down.  That’s also my opinion based simply on respective supply.

      The thing I am curious about is how the price of titanium ore will change, since you can prospect epic gems out of it.  Wishing on a star it will float down to a pricepoint worth prospecting….

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