Married to WoW, or do you date other games?

I was wondering this morning how many of us only play WoW; compared to playing a few games or possibly a few MMOs. Five years I’ve been playing Warcraft.

Five years.

That’s a long time.

I haven’t played much of any other games at all the whole time.

No other games, really

I tried Eve for a short time, wrote a guide on how to play it for other former WoW players. After a while though, I missed the graphics and colours of my home. Haven’t updated that guide in years, and can’t find anyone reliable to maintain it for me. I think I played Eve for about three months.

I bought my first new game a week ago, Torchlight, but only because I can’t really play WoW at the moment on this piece of crap laptop, and my gaming rig is on a boat back to Australia. Then discover my laptop can’t even load Torchlight, some stupid memory error that Windows randomly throws at you from dozens of possible root causes.

Before WoW I played Achaea fairly heavily, rising to the top of the guild I was in. Never played in other guilds, just focused on the one I started with. Never changed cities either.

A great friend of mine (hi Chev!), gave me a PSP as a gift a few years ago, which I still have, and have bought a few games for it along the way. I only play them when travelling on planes. It’s a great little device.

I downloaded LOTR, tried it for about three nights, didn’t like it. I tried DDO, same. I considered Conan (used to love reading the comics) and Warhammer (had promise before launch), but didn’t bother trying them after reading a few reviews. I want to do end-game raiding and hate being ganked, so those two wouldn’t suit me.

It’s not like my mind is closed to the possibility something could be awesome in the future. Star Wars online kind of interests me, Star Trek online might have but it looks like a single-player game. Allods actually looks very promising.

That’s it. Basically, five years of WoW and not much prospect of it changing for the next few years either.

I killed Onyxia in the old days

So I made sure to log on to get my Onyxia whelp.

onyxia whelpling

Since I’m married with kids, and put some effort into my family, and have a heavy job, I usually get to raid one night a week in a long uninterrupted session, then do some 5-mans on a few other nights. Over the years, there have been times when I’ve got to two or three nights raiding (40-man), plus a few nights to muck around.

Only playing one game, and being really good at it, is my preference. I prefer that. Suits my personality. (You can assess your own with the linked tool).

I have no regrets, never do really. Regrets are for indecisive people who make bad decisions in the first place.

Dedication to WoW, and more pwnwear

Last night I upgraded the pwnwear hosting account significantly, and paid for a year in advance.

The recent discussion on loser DK players plus Tykot offering to write, crystallised a goal for me to produce content to help DKs tank better (or perhaps for noobs to learn how to tank in the first place). So I can continue to contribute to the tanking and DK community, I needed more headroom on the site (I served 21GB of data in November, admittedly because I have a fairly graphic-heavy site, and went over the host limit I had).

I’ve done a bit of forward-planning and over time will get more guides and similar content up on the site, including some DK dps and pvp content from other authors, but what I write myself will be about tanking.

So I’m going to keep playing WoW of course and have no intentions to go anywhere else really.

Who else is a one-game player?

I wondered, how unusual am I? The best comparison would be to others in my circumstance: married with kids and a responsible job, do you play other games with any seriousness?

Younger guys without families are in a different category, since they have more time, and I’d expect more than one game. (Lucky buggers).

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32 comments to Married to WoW, or do you date other games?

  • Based on some history in my guild, I made a decision a LONG time ago to be married to my guild and WoW.
    However, I did just get on steam and I am looking at having affairs with other games very soon.  My issue is that I cant play FPS because I get motion sickness.  That was some time ago that it happened, and it was never worth my time or money to experiment to see if I could get around it somehow.  Steam has changed that, with cheap games and easy access to them.  So, I think I will be trying some out in the near future.  I am going to start with Portal (as I can go slow and its problem solving) as there is cake at the end!  Everyone loves cake.
    I am currently imploding my brain with Braid (if you haven’t played it I highly recommend it) and I LOVE rock band/guitar hero on my Wii.  Beatles FTW!  Which reminds me I need to get mikes, because I really enjoy singing and am halfway decent at it.  I am kick arse at karaoke :)
    I encourage my guildies if they play other games to let us know and we make forums on our website for them to chat and hook up to play together.  I would love to turn my guild into a community of online gamers, because I love the people in my guild.  They are the main reason I keep playing WoW.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      My UK guild, which I loved, was very old because it started out as a clan doing other games, then became a WoW guild, and there’s a core of people who are just flat-out awesome people (I miss them). They’d probably all move onto the next big thing together, for one another’s company.

  • Wrathy
    Twitter: AvengingWrathy

    It seems as though I am more along your lines Gravity, my ‘gaming’ career was limited to drinking games and play station in college, a bit of LAN diablo II (and by little bit, i mean less than 5 days played total), and then WoW. I have told countless people, and I feel that it is the truth, WoW is my first and Last video game. I have two toons over the 120 days played mark, and have tanked or healed everything in the game as progression (save naxx at 60 and Kiljaden).
    Between my relationship with my long time girlfriend (alas not a gamer) and my career, wow is all I have the interest or time for. I have in the past played a few PS3 games, however i usually beat them in a day or two and considered them a waste of money. WoW is really the first game I have found that captivates me and keeps me wanting more through the five years. I rolled a warrior in early 2005, and have been at it ever since.

  • Hi! I passed this on to the Devs here to see if we can help out at all. Travis just responded on the forums. Some of us just got back from a few days off post launching TorchED so sorry if your post didn’t get answered right away! :)

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I feel a bit better about myself to hear that Wrathy and Lasitus at least aren’t as lucky as these gamer couples like Josh, or better still, gamer families like RJK’s.

    Found an study by Nick Yee on this btw, if you’re curious to see a wider sample on couples/gender.

    Also thanks for escalating my Torchlight ticket, Wonder :) maybe I’ll get to play it on this laptop yet!

    @Wrathy, if I’d not gone to the UK, I’d have the pride of playing the same characters since launch, whereas instead my hours and achievements are across two US/EU servers. I’m very attached to my characters (and their names), wish I could have kept the same ones across the Atlantic.

    @Brangwen, thinking of getting a Wii, maybe a soft intro to games for my wife :) and at least the kids will enjoy it. Catch is, back home I’ll want them outdoors exercising and playing, which is better than even a Wii, so am undecided. Maybe you should do a raid leaders’ guide to karaoke :P

  • Vexill

    Regarding your intent to post up guides for new DK’s, if you want to repost or edit and post my guide up here I would be more than happy for you do so, its by no means perfect, but I think it might make a good first read for a new DK.
    I’m pretty sure you can get to the code for all the talent links from where its posted now but if you want to post it and need me to mail you the text file I work from for maintaining it let me know and I will.
    For the record I only play WoW, but occasionally will back off of it to play something awesome (half life 2 episode for example), in these cases the game I go to is always single player.

  • Chev

    Similar to you, Gravity, been playing WoW since the beginning and rarely strayed. Flirted with Portal – great fun and proof that not all the game ideas have come to light yet! And it has cake. Spent a lot of time with Halo when it was launched – what a great game, still is, but more suited to my kids these days. Always went back to WoW, for the depth of play, and the continuous learning aspects. Get bored? Roll an alt and learn a new class. Or profession – realised I hadn’t ever levelled fishing or cooking, so spent a week or two doing that, amazingly got hooked on fishing (!) and ended up with the Salty title. A bit of fun on the side that I wasn’t expecting.

    Haven’t really found a guild that feels like ‘home’, since classic days. I tend to connect to one or two like-minded people, and if they leave, I lose that sense of belonging. Hoping one day to find a guild that feels right – fun but committed and mature, that starts late. What is it with guilds that like to start raids when most people are sitting down to dinner? /offtopic

    People get restless in the lead up to a content patch – many are bored with endless clears of ToGC, or endless wipes on ToGC hardmodes, and the number of people taking a break from the game, playing secret alts, or ‘going casual’ is increasing, making it harder to field a raid group capable of hardmodes. This is normal and happens every time. Many people are turning to other games as filler until patch 3.3, and others are likely to be sporadic until Cataclysm hits.

    Me? I’m in for the long haul.

    P.S. If you decide to take up fishing, the Bejeweled addon is your friend. You’ll thank me later.
    P.P.S. I’m kinda glad my wife doesn’t play WoW. Someone has to keep a firm handle on Real Life™.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Fishing is strangely fun, isn’t it. I got into on Gravity mk 1, also.
      My UK guild was fantastic, similar to the guild Chev and I started called Downunder (Perenolde US) in 40-man days, which had really great morale and camaraderie. I gotta find one like that again now which has a one or two night raid schedule with a hardcore attitude.

  • Matthew
    Twitter: gphreak

    No kids yet, but a pretty demanding wife (I happily comply, though ;) ) and job. Playing WoW since BC (testing nearly all classes), raiding since WotLK (realising that endgame is FUN!).
    I usually raid two nights a week and have one game I seldomly play besides WoW – currently Metal Gear Solid 4. Not more than once a week, usually. Raiding is still great, but the rest of WoW bores me between the major patches except when I get to play with friends, which also declined over the last few weeks (curse you, Dragon Age, you stole my pals!). It’s great to settle down after work, though, before I need to take care of other RL obligations. Hunting some stupid achievement, quickly blasting through the daily heroic or chatting with friends for a few minutes. I prefer that to watching TV or something.
    So WoW is still the main attraction, but priorities changed in-game from “oh that looks cool I need to try that class/spec” to raiding hardmodes.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Similarly for me; I so very rarely watch TV (like maybe a few times a year if I’m working late, will watch CSI or similar with portable on my lap), because if I’ve time-out, it’s in WoW not in front of the toob.

  • Fortris

    I’ve played WoW pretty solidly for 3+ years now, and haven’t played an awful lot of other games in the interim, although to be perfectly frank the calibre of many of the games released in that time period, at least in the genres i like, has been low enough not to threaten WoW. At the moment, however, i’m splitting time roughly 50/50 between WoW and Dragon Age Origins. DAO is an absolutely stunning RPG, in my opinion the best since Baldurs Gate 2 and Planescape: Torment, so if you havent tried it already i wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • Futhark

    Married, two kids, full time job. Play time is limited to 10:00PM-1:00AM and sleep is in low quantity. According to your personality link, I’m a hard-core achiever (97%!). Thus, WoW is the only game I play, though I try to steal an hour or two for Rock Band here and there.

  • This is a pretty interesting topic really. I am basically married to WoW, having played pretty much nothing in the 5 years it has been out. I keep on buying Guitar Hero in various versions, but I only play minutes on each then go play WoW.

    I can hardly bring myself to even play on the WoW PTR, so much is there in game for me to do! Because of this, I consider my monthly subscription massively good value for money, I’m spending 9 quid a month whereas before I’d be spending 30 on at least 1 game per month.

  • I recently read a post by (I think Spinks) on the state of Warcraft. She said that WoW is now a single patch game. By and large people mainly play the content that was most recently patched, and little else.
    That’s because of the effort that Blizzard has gone to in making high end PvE accessible to everyone. It’s great in theory, except that once you have completed the most recent raid content there is little incentive to do anything else. This is why 3.2 is a disaster as a patch – there is just not enough to do. I personally have been playing since 1.3 or thereabouts but am playing another game for only the second time in four and a half years (the first was in the hiatus between TBC and WotLK). Many people are drifting away from the game at the moment and our guild (which is 4 years old and was the 5th Alliance guild on our server in TBC) is struggling to get enough people to do 25 man hard modes. We have lost I think 5 or 6 key longstanding raiders who have simply left the game.
    Much of the comment on the emblem system of Blizzard’s focusses on “epeen arrogance” versus “epics for scrubs”. This misses the point. The redundancy of the earlier instances means that there is not enough content in the game now and the game as a whole is in a bad place I think for that reason.
    And I STILL can’t get that rogue in Dragon Age to shag me…

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