qantas-ZZ024D709AHi all, I’m moving back home so will be in transit and settling down until around Dec 5th.

Don’t expect I’ll be able to post much til then.

Update: international move done, recovered from jet lag, planning on blogging again from the 8th. Looking forward to 3.3!

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5 comments to Moving

  • Elnoriah
    Twitter: Plaguedcandles

    Have a nice move, Grav!

    I’d expect 3.3 within 2 weeks, if not then after Christmas. The reason being is that so that Blizzard will have enough time for the servers to be stable for Christmas. Considering there is always a large chance that a few people will pick up the game in that time (Christmas presents and whatnot. So if they do not do it within 2 weeks I’d expect them to push it off until the Tuesday after Christmas (that seems to be the day they like to throw patches in our faces).

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Back home to Australia, Sydney, from the UK.

  • why would you want to do that Europe servers > all

  • good to see you back gravity.

    So much to post so much to discuss so get starting with?

    What should tanks go for tanking ICC as in weapons ?
    What to do with the stat balancing in ICC ?
    The new Enchant … A bless or still have swordbreaking on it ?
    Will GC get that DND implemented. No damage hight Tps ?
    Will Bloodtap fix in to all the rotations and be used to take some spike off?

    So many topic woot woot

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