What I like about 3.3

I think 3.3 is a great patch, not just the new content we’ll see but the major changes to the systems. Beyond the new raid and 5-mans, Blizzard have really improved some fundamental areas of the game.

I got to do two heroics last night with the new LFG cross-realm system. I wonder how fast PUGs will form once the initial excitement of 3.3 has lulled. Even if it’s 10 or 15 minutes, I’d still prefer it to the system we had in 3.22. I did see lots of /trade raid advertising still, even though the global LFG channel is back; old habits die hard. I smiled about the ‘disenchant’ option for loot, knowing I brought it to the party.

(I noted Infinite Dust and enchants are selling quickly again as people re-enchant their gear.)

The new LFG is absolutely superb. Nice touches with its user feedback about the progress. I’d commented about how it addresses supply and demand to create a virtuous cycle.

Taunt having no diminishing returns, for most bosses, and less DR when it does, is a welcome quality of life change.

Hunter misdirect has been simplified and improved, which I really like. Having multiple misdirects on the one tank is great for 25-mans.

The change to allow overlapping nameplates to stop its frustrating sorting is excellent. In some fights, you need to click to target the mobs, and it was often really hard to do because their nameplates used to jump all over the place, particularly in a large pull. New options to tweak to your preference tops it off.

Showing 5/10/25 and skull for heroic over the minimap is a nod to intuitive design. I noticed in the my 5-man heroics and smiled. No doubts about which mode you zoned into.

Oculus nerf is greatly welcomed. I dreaded being sent there in the random LFG, and Blizzard understood that, so made it cleaner with less trash and more mount-scaling.

Killing KT in Naxx without unlocking through the four quarters is a generous touch, making Naxx more attractive for achievements.

The new quest tracking, map and objectives system is wonderful. It’s all most players should need, it doesn’t cause any problems with latency like QuestHelper can, and is seamlessly implemented with a slick UI.

For new players, there were lots of changes. I tried the new character creation window and think it’s 5 years late, but at least it’s here now: roles for classes. Each says tank/damage or similar with a explanation of what you actually do with the class. My first character five years ago was a rogue, but I had no idea what it really meant. If a new player now doesn’t read wowwiki and other sources of info, and has no background in an MMO, then this new creation screen will really help.

Also, in the sunset of WotLK, the rep for major Northrend factions have been made easier to attain. This will help me on Gravity mk 2.

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8 comments to What I like about 3.3

  • Kadomi
    Twitter: Kadomi

    I personally think they went too far with the Oculus nerf. When an instance goes from challenging to joke, something’s off. We need heroics that scale, because all of them are a joke at this point. I am a 5-man player at heart, so I find this disappointing.

  • The gating system for ICC is awful. I understand that they did it to ensure people don’t kill Arthas in the first week then cancel their subscription until 4.0, but there is NO heroic mode and FOUR bosses in ICC at present. Those four bosses are easy and can be killed in three hours. I am speaking as someone who’s trying to put together an ICC 10 raid for this evening, and the whole guild appear to have cleared it on all their alts already. Sigh.
    No one wants to do the old content we’ve done so many times before, so there is bugger all to do in the game for raiders. Again.

  • Veneretio
    Twitter: veneretio

    Just so not with you on the nameplate change, it’s absolutely horrible. First thing I did was change it back. With the new system if you’re tanking 4 mobs at once, you can see what you’re on and basically nothing else. But I guess, to each his own… I’m just still confused on how anyone could find them useful.

  • I like the Oculus nerf, if only because I’m running PUGs much more than I used to. I didn’t mind the Oculus of old, but I can’t say that I’d like to run it as a PUG in its old form.

  • I like the expantion but there is little new content.

    I’m happy that we never NEVER go to Ulduar as that is cleared
    But I feel ICC could have been a little more tbh. After Anub what will we do then ???? ^^

  • pennah

    I’m a big fan of the new LFG system. I’m in a tiny guild (usually 3-5 people online. 7-9 if we’re lucky.) On sat night, we had 4 people online. Before the lfg tool, we would have probably worked on alts, or, pretty much anything but run heroics. We ran a bunch of heroics and it went really well.
    I’ve been tanking them and another guy in the guild has been healing, so we get into heroics instantly. had a really rough start doing a full pug group in HoS – only been in there once before, and couldn’t remember much, but mostly now just working on getting through the heroics as quickly as possible.
    This is the first I’ve ran occulus – prior to this, nobody ever wanted to run it. I don’t mind it so much, it’s just one of those instances that’s reasonably complex, and it’s not obvious what you’re supposed to do and in what order. All the other instances, there’s a set path that you follow, and you just pew pew every boss until they’re all dead – more or less. A quick instance guide would be kind of nice – something that’s in-game, that’d be a TL;DR version, anyways.

  • Kenshi

    tanks have it super with the new lfg. 10 second queues.

    did 6 runs in like 2 hours ^^ chainpull and /win

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