New tank gear in 3.3

List of new 3.3 BoP plate tank gear from 5-mans and emblem of frost rewards, by slot. You earn Frost emblems from raiding, or from the daily/weekly quests.

For gear from emblems of triumph (ie. the new emblem drop from bosses outside ICC), see this other complete post, which also includes BOE items from the AH or crafted.

Here’s a partial list that might be helpful.


Item iLevel Source
Emblems: tier Vendor


Item iLevel Source
[item]Shoulderplates of Frozen Blood[/item] 232 PoS: Garfrost (heroic)
Emblems: tier Vendor


Item iLevel Source
[item]Fossilized Ammonite Choker[/item] 232 HoR: Captain’s chest (at end)


Item iLevel Source
[item]Icebound Bronze Cuirass[/item] 232 PoS: Tyrannus(heroic)
[item]Scourgelord’s Frigid Chestplate[/item] 219 PoS: Tyrannus (normal)


Item iLevel Source
[item]Eerie Runeblade Polisher[/item] 219 HoR: Falric (normal)


Item iLevel Source
Emblems: tier and non-set Vendor


Item iLevel Source
Crafted/ emblem


Item iLevel Source
Emblem Vendor


Item iLevel Source
[item]Legplates of Frozen Granite[/item] 219 FoS: Devourer (normal)
Emblems: tier Vendor


Item iLevel Source
[item]Black Spire Sabatons[/item] 232 FoS: Devourer (heroic)
[item]Sollerets of Suffering[/item] 219 FoS: Devourer (normal)


Item iLevel Source
[item]Ick’s Rotting Thumb[/item] 232 PoS: Ick (heroic)
[item]Corroded Skeleton Key[/item]

Weapon / shield

Item iLevel Source
[item]Tyrannical Beheader[/item] 232 PoS: Tyrannus (heroic)
[item]Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon[/item] 232 HoR: Marwyn (heroic)
[item]Rimefang’s Claw[/item] (1h) 232 PoS: Tyrannus (heroic)
[item]Lucky Old Sun[/item] (1h) 219 FoS: Bronjahm (normal)
[item]Falric’s Wrist-Chopper[/item] (1h, block) 232 HoR: Falric (heroic)
[item]Splintered Door of the Citadel[/item] (shield) 219 HoR: Marwyn (normal)

Gear by dungeon

Drops you can get, for tanks, in each dungeon. See the list:

Thanks to wowraid for the initial heads-up.

Emblem of frost rewards / vendor / tier

Items for warriors, paladins and death knight tanks purchasable with emblems.

  • Non-set i264: Belt (60 emblems of Frost), cloak (50), gloves (60)
  • Tier set i251: Head (95), Legs (95), Shoulders (60), gloves (60)
  • See the list

Odd that the tier and non-set items cost the same, even though the i264 is better (if you exclude the set bonus).

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