If you couldn't tank, what role would you take?

Let’s say you had an equivalently geared alt of any class/race you chose, so his pwnage matched your current tank character. I’m talking to people who’s main character is a tank.

If you couldn’t tank (for some magic theoretical reason), what would you play?

No fuzzy answers now, prioritised list. I know it’s tough, but in this hypothetical you can’t say ‘err maybe the warlock or the hunter’. You are allowed in to answer that your current offspec would be one of your favourite alternatives to become a main, like DK DPS for me.

For me:

1. Healer, Druid (male Tauren), offspec boomkin

2. DPS, Hunter (male Orc), main spec survival, offspec beast.

3. Healer, Shaman (male Tauren), offspec elemental.

I don’t like DPS as melee. If I’m up close, I want to be tanking. Don’t enjoy playing melee dps very much. (ps. thanks for tweeting the inspiration to this question, Kadomi)

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24 comments to If you couldn’t tank, what role would you take?

  • Elnoriah
    Twitter: Plaguedcandles

    For me it would be an Arcane Mage for sure. Maybe my Disc Priest (or go Spriest).

  • When I was last on the market for a new guild, my policy was “Tank, and tank only.” If I wasn’t going to tank on Dammer, I wasn’t going to bring him to a guild.

    But if I had to make a choice, I’ve found a DPS DK to be quite entertaining.

  • shax

    due lack of time the only other char on 80 besides my dk-tank is a female bloodelf paladin… retri, tanking offspec (used to me my main at the end of bc, tanking and leading lotta pug raids and getting me a good reputation on the server)… i love the easy “rotation” for an alt, brains on standby and still doing well enough dps… too bad i find me tanking most of the times *sigh*

    my favorites would be
    Tauren male Shaman, Healing (Offspec: Ele)
    Orc female Hunter, Marksman (Offspec… someting pvp’ish ;) )
    Undead male Priest, Shadow (Offspec: Disc)

  • Peinbringer

    I think I would stop playing WoW if I could not play my tank any more…

  • logtar
    Twitter: logtar

    I am leveling a priest and loving it.  It has been a great learning experience and has done nothing but improve my tanking by making me more aware of the other side of the formula.
    I want to also roll a druid and see what the whole one toon to rule them all is all about.

  • SnowBro

    I would go back to rocking the dps charts with my Mage. LOL it amused me what they did with arcane, so boring but so devistating.
    Priority from there would be, Enhancement Shammy (Some rediculous numbers when played well), and Boomkin (Chris Farley Dance puts a smile on my face)

  • My disc priest would move up to main. There have been times where he has actually outgeared my tank strictly because its way easier to get groups as a healer than anything else, even a tank because raids need way more healers than tanks. Also my disc priest is awesome and more fun than my other toons. Although the big crits from my Boomkin have been known to distract me from time to time

  • Leyo -- Turalyon EU

    My main’s a druid, having seen all 4 specs over the past 3 tiers, I just love (“crave” seems to be a tad overdone) some responsibility in a raid. Just to make it more challenging for myself. So I mostly default back to tanking or healing. My first alt is a prot/holy pala, second alt is an elemental/resto shaman, but they will never, ever, replace my feral tank/resto druid…

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Gravity’s gear is good enough now to need raiding for the most time-efficient upgrades, on the whole, so I’m going to put some time into an alt again, and referred back to this list. Heirlooms are frustrating, that they’re caster or melee even if you have a hybrid (druid or shaman), then by type (leather or mail), so had to choose carefully. Kind of glad I’d put some thought into this in advance, and went with druid.

  • Matthew C. Kriner

    Nice web site man, picked up some nuggets here…just can’t wait for Cataclysm, I read a rumor that it is being released Nov 2010, but with Blizz you can never tell :/

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