Misdirect a volley

Hopefully your hunters know this.

They can misdirect a volley. Thanks QQ for the tip.

Tanks, note this change: you won’t see the misdirect buff until your hunter starts shooting. Have you hunter verify on /p or /ra he has misdirected.

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5 comments to Misdirect a volley

  • Leyo -- Turalyon EU

    Not-so-long-time reader, first comment :D
    First of all, thank you for your time and effort you spend on this beautifull game we play! I don’t play a DK myself, but reading weblogs like yours makes me understand the big picture a lot better.
    Second, I’d like to point you and any other tank/raid leader/pvp-er towards a tiny little addon called “Big Brother”. I initially started out using this as a “spy” to check (raid-)buffs, but as a side-feature it also shows you Misdirects, Trick of the trades and CC-breakers. All in nice colors making it stand out in the chat-box :D

  • Eranise

    Hi mate.
    I’m a bit lost at this site and can figure out how to PM you.  I was just wondering if you have ever tested hit needed to cap Howling Blast for DW tank )
    BTW you can also spy for casts with DBM and ORA2.

  • Wintermute

    Two things:
    First. Just wanted to add the extra information (to anyone here that may not already know about it) that the first shot a hunter does when casting MD will _not_ transfer aggro, it will simply just initiate the MD (players may have noticed that the graphics and buff for MD comes after the first shot hit and that the mob will still aggro the hunter unless a second shot is fired or the tank grabs it before it reaches the hunter (at least other hunters should have noticed)).
    For a volley MD, this is nothing – just MD and then volley over the group for as long as the channel will continue to add almost all of the aggro to the tank.
    For a single shot MD pull – Dont MD, shoot and then FD (it’s a waste of potential initial tank aggro and a MD CD). Instead MD, start with a steady shot for some damage and to trigger the MD and then shoot of all instant shots that you can muster (but don’t forget to be prepared to still FD in case things go haywire).

    Second. Thanks for a good site, it have helped me with my dk tank.

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