DK spec threat comparison

I have verified some of the threat comparisons using the latest version of Kahorie’s sim. It’s had a few tweaks so I wanted to see if that refinement had led to much change in the comparative threat of DK tank specs.

I have also itemised the threat per talent of various blood alternatives.

Blood vs Unholy

I tested a mainstream Blood tank, with a survival bias in its spec, against an Unholy high-threat tank spec.

Blood was 6.4% more TPS. The gap is less than it used to be in earlier sims, when I found Blood doing nearly 10% more threat. However, in terms of threat, my comparison above is best-case for Unholy, and worst-case for Blood. So at a minimum Blood is 6.4% more threat.

Blood vs Frost

I compared the above Blood spec with a two-handed Frost spec.

Frost did 6.7% more TPS. I could reduce that gap by repecing Blood into more threat. This is a surprising result (see comments) but I cannot see any faults in the sim or settings. Take it with a grain of salt. I’d expected Blood to deal more TPS.

I couldn’t test DW Frost since there’s a bug with RS in the sim (v1.185) at the moment.

Key point, thanks Dreadskull (comments): Kahorie does not model the threat from self-healing, which can be a good proportion of your threat, depending on how much actual healing you do. Overheals do not generate threat, only the actual heal element. The TPS of rune tap and deathstrike can be quite a bit, but they can’t be relied on for sustained threat.

Blood talent threat values

Using this as the talent baseline, I then added one point of each talent to test the TPS gain and ran the sim.

Results are ordered.

  • [spell]Necrosis[/spell]: 1.1% TPS per talent point (to get Necrosis, you will need to spend a point in tier 2 Unholy talents) [note this 1.1 value was before RS hotfix to stop it being proc’d by Necrosis; I now think Subversion is going to be equal, and thus the better choice due to threat-reduction when required, like Festergut]
  • [spell]Subversion[/spell]: +1.0%
  • [spell]Sudden Doom[/spell]: 0.7%
  • [spell]Scent of Blood[/spell]: 0.5%
  • [spell]Ravenous Dead[/spell]: 0.4%
  • [spell]Black Ice[/spell]: 0.3%
  • [spell]Morbidity[/spell] when glyphed for RS and DS: 0.019% (ie. it really sucks, this is an AOE talent not a single-target boost)
  • [spell]Morbidity[/spell] when glyphed for RS and Dark Death: 0.02% (need more decimal accuracy, it was only like 0.002% more on the sim, which is below the +/- accuracy I’m running, regardless, talent still sucks for ST threat)

Blood glyphs

  • [itemico size=small]45804[/itemico]Glyph of Dark Death, instead of Death Strike: 1.3% loss (ie. DS is better)
  • [itemico size=small]45805[/itemico]Glyph of Disease and DS, instead of Rune Strike and DS: 1.4% loss (ie. RS is better than Disease)
    • the sim uses a priority, so in a GoD sim IT and PS are barely used, so you get more HS. HS does a lot more TPS per rune than DS (like ~60% more), so my priority also has it higher in the ranking.

Learn more

You can read my detailed posts on frost, blood and unholy in 3.3, the stat weightings for each tree, rotations/priority to use and more such as ICC gearing choices or avoidance value of expertise.

All sims here used i245 stats and ICC aura for a total of 30% avoidance, which excludes your to-miss from defence/nelf/frost (ie. in this case, your actual avoidance would be ~40%).

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