I’m a very goal-oriented person. I like to have a plan of some kind, in my head, of the kinds of things I should do when I’m next in the game. Some people write up gear lists, with a pick order, or (before Randoms) so they’d know which 5-mans heroics to farm, or which bosses drop the loot they want.

I’ve never really organised gear lists for myself beyond scanning the total environment and knowing what’s available. I don’t tend to say “I want that item” except on a few occasions where it’s just awesome, like Black Heart or Inevitable Defeat. So I might have a few slots with a particular item I want, but not a total body plan.

That said, I like goals.

Many people are achievement fanatics. I’m not. I barely care about them. They’re useful to track progress, very helpful as a to-do list but I don’t collect them. I usually don’t know what a boss fight’s specific achievements are. Many people do. However, since re-rolling achievements have become important to me because of those I lost on the old Gravity.

The goals I have are these. Some are because I had them done before I re-rolled, so I feel this urge to get them back again.

  • kill Arthas before Cataclysm
  • clear Naxx, Coliseum and Ulduar once on my new tank (this is for achievements, but also because I’ve not done Yogg)
  • get geared fully for tanking (again)
  • exalted on the main Northrend reps (again)
  • explore every Northrend location (again)

Nice to have:

  • a cool title like Undying
  • a proto-drake mount

The only one I really care about though is killing the Lich King. All the content thus far has led me to really want to kill that noob.

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4 comments to Goals

  • It’s interesting how Blizzard’s gear reset scheme will affect some of your goals. It will make getting geared, and getting a pre 4.0 Lich King kill much easier, however, at the same time, it makes getting a group to clear Ulduar or Naxx harder than pulling teeth.
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  • Nice goals Gravity, I do hope that they make The Lich King an interesting encounter as in not a tank and spank scenario.  ICC reputation grinding seems to be the new thing on our realm rather than pug’s trying ICC raid, which I find strange, especially seeing as the first 4 bosses aren’t all that hard.  What gets me is gearing is extremely easy now and you could do the first quarter of ICC with roughly ilevel 232 to 245 gear nicely as well.  There isn’t a lack a guides for the bosses either….  One assumption is the gearing of alts.  What are your view points on it?

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      On my realm (not particularly highly rated at all), I don’t see too many ICC pugs, except for the rep-grind ones you’ve mentioned. I do see Toc 10/25 and Onyxia pugs a lot, and Ulduar sometimes too.

      It’s very hard to work out behaviour from the observation of LFG though, isn’t it, but certainly alts are a factor. I can say this for sure: many people are using alts to get emblems of frost, to then buy primordial saronite for their main.

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