Acclimation, analysis with world of logs

I’m in a discussion about world of logs at the moment. Forum writer ‘opdk’ started some analysis between frost and blood tanks, using WoL, with some side-by-side data he had. I had earlier asked for help to analyse [spell]acclimation[/spell] and the two interests have converged. See the thread. Look around for some of his other data munging.

Hopefully it’ll lead to some more solid analysis on the value of acclimation (and then [spell]spell deflection[/spell] too) as damage-reducing talents.

Even if you don’t click through, I’ll give you a nice snippet of info on a hidden feature in World of Logs to give data on absorbs (like PW:S) and resists (like Acclimation):

  1. In the normal WoL menus, select your character
  2. then go into ‘damage by spell’
  3. then scroll down to ‘damage taken’
  4. you will see all the breakdowns in a big table format
  5. here’s the hidden tooltip in the absorb column, which shows resists in total and a breakdown:
Hidden tooltip in world of logs, over absorb column

Hidden tooltip in world of logs, over absorb column

Discipline priests should already know about this data, for obvious reasons.

I’m pretty sure it means this:

A: ## is the amount absorbed
R: ## is how much damage was resisted in total, and how many times a resist occurred
and the displayed total in the Absorb column is =A+R

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16 comments to Acclimation, analysis with world of logs

  • That’s all very interesting, but what would be great would be if you (and your contributors, perhaps) could answer one question – is Acclimation rubbish? It’s a strange talent (it doesn’t scale with level, for example) and looks like it will be amazing in some fights and dreadful in others. Perhaps you could list out any fights where it will be helpful (I can only think of Sindragosa and Sapphiron).

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Hive linked his Festergut kill. 88% acclimation uptime. That sounds pretty good to me. :)

  • Deathy

    That’s a fairly impressive uptime, but I don’t think the overall damage resisted is worth the 3 points.  He resisted 125k damage total in his 25 man kill, a large portion of which came from the Shadow Resistance Aura.  So we’re discussing 2% or less of the total damage he took in that fight that was resisted due to his Acclimation.

    • Granted, 2% reduction in damage might not sound great, but if your 3 points result in 2% damage reduction in most of the fights in ICC, then it could be a good investment. If I could spend 3 talent points as a warrior to get an extra 2% damage reduction on top of what I have already then I think I could find room in my spec to do that.

      • Deathy

        The problem is, we’re not talking about 2% on most fights.  It looks like it may be something along the lines of 2% for the bosses in the Plague section, but acclimation provides little use in the first wing.  For two handed frost the points are easier to find, but for dual wield it’s almost impossible to find those 3 points without giving up something else that seems equally important.
        On the bright side, I’m glad to seem acclimation actually being (semi)useful for part of ICC.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Hmm, looking at it more closely, 15.5% of total damage taken was shadow.  Is that after acclimation/SR Aura or before? I’m not sure.

    • Deathy

      Come to think of it, do you think the resist numbers reported by WoL include the resistance from the Inoculation buff?

      • Leucyte

        It certainly sounds like it. Unless there’s some special mechanics behind it, but then the wording on it is stupid. At least Hive only has one stack of it during the entire fight, but it would diminish acclimation’s contribution further.

        • Leucyte

          Actually, scratch that. Since it’s a damage reduction aura it is applied after the resist roll, and should either show up in absorbs or not at all. Most probably not at all since the absorbs column is empty for Pungent Blight.

  • Looking at Acclimation, would you say this is an “all or nothing” kind of talent? I’m having a tough time dropping 3 talent points into it, but I’m concerned that just 1 point is about as effective as zero points into it.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      No, you can go with one or two. You just need enough points to keep acclimation up between the hits of spell damage which will proc it. For Festergut, you’d might even get away with 1, given how much shadow damage there is in the environment. To work it out, (I haven’t dont this), you’d need to check the timing and regularity of shadow damage to then apply probability maths to determine how many points you need to keep up a stack.

      Frost is a very full tree, so I agree it’s hard to find room. Hive is a two-handed tank so its easier for him to have free points for acclimation.

      • My understanding is that resistance scales exponentially – the first 60 points are less useful than the third 60 points in any magic resistance. I wonder if Acclimation might be most useful for (/cower) dual spec tanks, with an offspec magic resistant frost spec for use in certain fights. In that case you’d probably want 3 points in it.

  • noob

    Tested 3/3 Acclimation on Sindragosa, It didn’t work until phase  and the proc rate is still very low.  I hope blizzard will do something about this talent, it is not very useful. 

  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    Just my 2 cents.The last time i had spec into 3/3 Acclimation, was before i quit the game for 8 months (so things might be different somewhere), which is during Naxx time. I tested it out on Sapphiron fight, and personally, i think it is useful for the damages it mitigate throughout that fight. But back then it has a funny bug, it proc off buff as well, i totally miss it. :D Just a note tho, if you’re picking this talent up, at least 2 points is recommended, i tried with 1 point, it’s just a waste of talent points, but yea, Gravity might be right, fight like Festergut where we take constant shadow damage, it might be sufficient with just 1 point. And yes, it does up at least 80% of time.However, the reason why i spec OUT of it, is to pick up 3/3 Morbidity. The talent tree was bit different back then, lichbourne was actually quite an awesome talents, so instead of putting 2 point in it and only have around 50% up time for fight like Sapphiron, i pick up Morbidity instead for heroic farming and what not.When i review my spec again, which i havent been respec-ing for the past…1 year (including 8 months break), i think i could definitely spare 3 points into it.I’ll respec and see how it goes.

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