New TankTotals includes new effective health

Progression tanks, before the next wing is opened:

I recommend you get this new version of TankTotals, get familiar with it, give the author some feedback and then use it when the next wing of ICC is live. It’s out of alpha/ beta and released now.

The new effective health calculations from Theck and implemented by Reynard will let you do post-wipe analysis to optimise your gear choices before the next attempt, the best example being swapping stamina trinkets for armour/dodge. It can record the damage types you took prior to dying, so you can use that as an input to Theck’s NEH formula, then use that to choose gear.

Reynard just announced the features at maintankadin.

  • EH2: based on the formula outlined by Theck, this calculates Effective Health and overall mitigation given the percentages of melee, bleed, and magic damage for a given fight.
  • Custom percentages of each damage source can be set via the configuration GUI. These can be saved and reloaded as EH2 Profiles:
tanktotals uses new effective health

EH2 Profiles

  • TankTotals will also optionally record damage during a fight, and upon a tank’s death will show the percentages of each damage type incurred since the most recent time the tank was healed to 100%. These figures can then be used to recalculate EH2 using the hyperlinks supplied with the report. See death report image.
Death report showing damage types taken

Death report showing damage types taken

(Note that in the Death Report image, the Damage values for each school represent the sum of post-mitigation damage including absorbs, blocks and probabilistic resistance, i.e. d + a + r + b. The addon distinguishes between absorption due to Ardent Defender and that due to shield effects, as well as between guaranteed minimum resistance and probabilistic resistance in excess of this. Absorbed is the total of probabilistic resistance, shields and blocks. Avoided is the sum of missed attacks, determined by recording the average damage of each attack over the course of the fight. Avoidance can be included in or excluded from the computation of relative damage percentages at the discretion of the user.)

  • If combat data is recorded, TankTotals will show Lower and Upper EH2 bounds; these numbers respectively indicate the amount of EH2 that would have been necessary for the tank to have survived his death, and the amount of EH2 necessary to survive had he not blocked, avoided, absorbed, resisted or been healed.
  • In similar fashion to the EH2 Profiles discussed earlier, recorded damage logs can be saved as EH2 Data Segments and reloaded at any time:
TankTotals saved data segments

TankTotals saved data segments

Showing your new effective health ("EH2")

Showing your new effective health ("EH2")

You can read more on NEH at maintankadin p12, where Reynard (author) originally posted the above description (I copied his text and screenshots).

I’ve also posted on it a few times.

Or, just download it and use it, and give Reynard some feedback.

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3 comments to New TankTotals includes new effective health

  • Figworth

    Mine disappear off every time I log in. I have to go into the TankTotals config menu and enable it. Play on a mac – any way to make sure it stays on?

  • Hey¬†Figworth,
    Are you by any chance logging in and out on your Secondary spec? TankTotals 4 has an option to auto-enable/disable itself depending on which spec you’re in; by default, it’s enabled in Primary spec and disabled in Secondary spec. You should go to the options screen, General tab, and check/uncheck the boxes marked Primary and Secondary specs, depending on how you want the addon to behave.


  • Rhidach
    Twitter: Rhidach

    Wow, this looks awesome. I will definitely take it for a spin this week and post my impressions. Thanks for the recommendation!

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