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I read a number of blogs. You can download a file containing them all from my sidebar, which can import to Google Reader. I sometimes read on the train, or like today, when I’m back at work for the first day of the new year and cannot be stuffed to do anything much. So, I did some catching-up with blogs.

Here are some of the best posts selected from all the writers I follow, with a bias to content I would have liked to write myself, written over the last month, that is still useful and informative.

On gear, Emblem pick orders and lists

How many emblems per hour can you get? Cold Comfort calculated it.

Wrathy gave his Icecrown citadel gear set for pallies and on equipment management as a loot whore tank

Rhidach’s gear list and pick order is well-considered for ICC and Frost emblems

TMR goes on to post his philosophy and gear selection choices

A list of the new 5-man drops from Kadomi is helpful

Vene lists out his warrior Frost emblem pick order

Boss strategies

Hinenuitepo gave how to minmax your Unholy DK DP on Marrowgar and Deathwhisper

Non-elitist raider with complete strategies on Marrowgar and Deathwhisper

Wrathy wrote about how to pull the Icecrown raid trash and has a section on the site about ICC raid

Ironshield also described how to trash farm in Icecrown for rep

Divine Plea has a guide on how to win Oculus and a cheat sheet for ICC Lower wing

Everblue has off-tank tips for Anub’arak 10-man hard mode

On Shadowmourne and Sister Blade

srsbusiness is the nominated recipient of the legendary, and he’s a tank

Rhidach wrote about forging his Quel’Delar (awesome)

Guild management

Cold Comfort asked about the importance of guilds now we have LFD, and his top ten posts of 2009

Tanking in general

Spinks wrote a helpful post for new tanks, about getting over the fear to tank and another on the roles in a LFD

ThinkTank had a good ol’ rant about leading Randoms

Tankadin-oriented guides 201 on heroic 5-mans, 301 on being an OT and 401 about becoming the MT

Honors sent a polite reminder that LFD won’t be like this forever

Kadomi wrote her pre-raid gear shopping list for new tanks


plagued candles wrote about professions for tanks in their usual entertaining style, part 1 and 2

MMORPG industry

A wide-ranging retrospective from that’s a terrible idea

Other classes

Mage: levelling guide and new to L80 guides from the ladies of empowered fire

WHU tanked heroic Forge of Souls with a hunter tank pet!

pwnwear posts

I’ve written a fair amount over 2009, but I think my navigation system makes it reasonably easy to discover them. I won’t do another list for you here, try tag navigating or the ‘find stuff here’ menu above. Happy new year!

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3 comments to Collection of good reading

  • Kenshi

    I’m just wondering why arn’t people putting The 25m sword of Saurfang in Gear lists. The time that us Dk’s tank with tanking onehanders with 1.5 speed is over. Get you a nice 2.6-2.7 mainhand and Quell serrar offhand or get 2 slow onehanders and you’ll tank like you never tanked before and score good on damage as an extra.

    You’ll lose some stamina ok but you gain like 60% more tps when you need it wich lets your dps nuke even harder than they already are :)

  • pennah

    The tankadin tanking articles are helpful – not so much the heroics one, since that seems to be largely spec-based, but the OT and MT ones both contain some good information on tanking in those spots. I think one of the biggest things for any tank, and it’s mostly outlined in the MT article is the ‘awareness’ aspect of tanking. You have to be aware of *everything.* Last weekend we were running Ony, and had a new OT on the adds coming down the path during phase 2, and the OT wasn’t paying attention to them at all. While we still were successful, it was rather annoying watching them not pick up the adds quickly enough. Awareness is something that can be practised in 5-mans, though.
    In my previous guild, I was in guild management, and we’d have somebody join the guild, and want to replace the MT. The MT was someone that had been with the guild for several years – which is probably pretty common, as well. We’d put the new person in an OT slot, but they’d never replace the MT. It’s sort of the position I’m in now.  A few months ago, the MT stated he wanted to stop tanking and urged me to gear up for tanking. I now out-gear him by a considerable amount, but he’s decided he still wants to tank, which is rather frustrating. I was able to tank for the guild’s first run through TOC10, which was great, though.
    For *anyone* raiding, I think it’s important that you show up at the instance at raid time (Yes, summoning stones are great, but raid leaders and management will appreciate having you be there ready to go), have any reagents you might need, being repaired, and flask and food for food buffs.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Pennah, it’s odd about your MT slot being held by the current MT, if he had indicated he’d retire. Officers should have managed it better, I’d say.

    I agree on the situational awareness too, it’s crucial.

    Kenshi, slow dps weapons are nice indeed. I’m using a slow/fast combo now (i232, they’re the highest iLevel ones I’ve got), and it’s pretty sweet. You’re right about the 2H weapons not being on many lists, but 2fps put it on his just a few days ago.

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