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I have mentioned this great addon once before, Boss Notes (back in Sept 09). Those guilds going up against Putricide you might find it helpful. Saves alt-tabbing to whichever website you use.

It can learn boss’ abilities (make sure you turn this on; it’s off by default). This gives you their spells (with tooltips), in a handy notebook, into which you can also write your own tips and reminders. Includes simple written strategies for all the older bosses, too, including 5-mans, and allows data to be shared amongst your guild.

It has a new feature, called Rules, which I haven’t tested:

The Rules module allows the definition of custom encounter rules for notifications, timers, raid target icons and yells. In a nutshell, it supports a roll-your-own boss mod approach to encounters which is completely in-game and does not require programming. Instead, declarative rules are used. The rules module isĀ not intended to replace your current boss mod. Rather, it provides bridges to common boss mods that integrate your custom rules with the regular display provided by your boss mod.

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2 comments to Boss Notes: useful addon

  • Gah… I forgot I had that addon installed. I so should have checked that instead of spending 20 minutes bouncing between wowhead and MMOchampion trying to figure out what the hell healed putricide for 1.2 million.

  • Velasco

    Regarding the learning feature. You don’t have to turn it on. The code of the addon contains all relevant spells of all Bosses and NPCs found in an instance, as the author already linked them together.
    Your database will be empty at the beginning of course. When you enter the relevant instance and engage a mob or boss the spells will automatically be shown in the Spells tab after the first try.
    Also don’t be afraid when you leave the instance and want to take a look at the spells again. They won’t be there unless you reenter the instance again. That is intentional.
    The Learning feature is only relevant when you engage a new boss, where absolutely nothing is known.
    It then links all spells, which were seen in the encounter to the General category if there is no instance specified.
    Useful only if your boss mod doesn’t know the encounter and no update is available.

    I also played around with the Rule editor for some time now and I absolutely love it, because it let’s you create events that are important to you personally or something you wish to see, which your boss mod does not provide.

    An example in the Bloodqueen encounter.
    Our raid leader uses an addon which whispers you the target whom you have to bite after your Essence buff runs out. It often happened that some of my fellow raiders accidentally bit the wrong target or simply bit anyone close to them when they cannot get to their original target (which is beyond me). If the moment comes where I have to bite my designated target and it already has the essence buff I get a flashing screen telling me “Target already bitten. Find another one!”
    Something that was configured in about 2 minutes. Nice!

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