Why I'm jealous of maintankadins

In order:

  1. [spell]consecration[/spell]
  2. [spell]hammer of the righteous[/spell]
  3. [spell]holy shield[/spell]
  4. [spell]holy wrath[/spell]

I used to be a pally tank too, so I know what I’m missing when I do Halls of Reflection: no gaps in the AOE threat and reflective AOE threat. Rhidach enjoyed himself in Plagueworks last night, with a sidenote on the AOE awesomeness that is Paladin.

Over the last week, I ran the Blood tank spec for 5-mans (includes death and decay glyph and corpse explosion) and then a Frost single-disease dual-wield spec (with glyphed howling blast and IIT). I’m in those specs today*, future readers will need to look up the tank specs. I completed heroic HoR in both. The Frost build was a bit easier, but both still have gaps in their AOE which sometimes caused me problems when new adds come in.

A fully talented death and decay (15s cooldown) still casts a D&D with 10s duration. The ongoing threat is from diseases.

If you can get a group of mobs, target them, move in, then DKs are just fine. The pain in the ass can be gauntlets. Sure, you can reduce the problem through skill and rune management, but I’m just bitching about how it takes work. :)

* explanation for new readers: why haven’t I got achievements for Ulduar/ Naxx/ etc? I re-rolled from my original DK tank also named Gravity when moving back to Oceanic realm from Europe.

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25 comments to Why I’m jealous of maintankadins

  • Hensley
    Twitter: hensleydk

    I did some testing yesterday with a 2-setbonus tier10, DnD-glyph and a Unholy spec (one that you recommended for Anti-Magic with AMZ). And i must say that the AoE-threat is amazing for both raid trash in Icecrown Citadel and when running heroics. I finally feel that i can AoE like a paladin (that is – without tabbing around like a maniac to build threat on different mobs). For example: Adds on Gunship Battle suddenly became very easy compared to when i was running with my Blood or DW Frost-spec.

  • I think each tanking class has some things that I’d like.

    Warriors have amazing mobility with Warbringer, a fear break, and an interrupt kit that’s to die for.

    DKs have amazing options for establishing pulls. D&D where you want it, not always where you are. Death Grip, Icy Touch, and strangulate are all enviable tools for gettting mobs to you. And Anti-Magic Shell is pretty much cheating.

    Druids, well, they don’t exist. I thought I saw a druid tank on my DK’s random heroic, but looking back, I’m pretty sure it was a hunter’s pet.

  • Uru

    the very nice thing actually is that rune cooldowns and D&D 10sec every 15sec uptime is what makes ENJOYABLE the dk class, because it actually requires some skill.
    see, i have one tank for each class (y…dk-war-pala-bear, i love tanking and dualspec helps it).
    DKs and warrios are the only real tanks for me in this expansion, because they require a bit of skill and brain to play them in difficult enviroments.
    a clear winner design is Hor : in the waves of first 2bosses and also during the escape is required continuos management to have always something ready for the new mobs coming.
    it’s such a GREAT istance. and i guess, grinning to myself, it’s just for this that 80% playerbase rerolls paladins and whines when they whipe on that istance. some people just doesn’t like even the smallest challenges.  :-p
    paladin and bears brainless faceroll spam with no cooldowns or downtimes at all? no thanks, i don’t play a game to get bored. not always, at least ;)

  • Xaris

    I love tanking HoR on my DK too.  Get everyone in the cubby, DnD below the healer, put my back against the back wall so the mercenaries can’t get behind me and Howling Blast ftw…

  • Kenshi

    I love tanking and I was made to sit out anub due to 4 tanks but now that is solved I got a chance to tank anub and  I can tell you that is a real challenge

  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    I think i do appreciate dnd as it can be lay any place, even that some will think it isnt as convenience at the beginning as it need to actually target an area to lay instead of “fart” like pally’s concecration, but a lil mastery of that spells could really make DK edge out on aoe tanking, and even better than pally. For example, laying on possible pathing between the mob and your healer if the mob group are mainly melee, or lay it below mob or between you and mob if the mob group are mainly range. There’s still alot of other use of dnd, but if can be really handy if one master the use of it.

    hard hitting blood boil for blood, howling blast (or even with Deathchill) for frost, or much stronger aoe ability of unholy, i never at one point think im inferior as compare to tankadin, and to certain extend, i believe that we have equavalent single target threat, if it’s not better. (and we do more dps as tank so hey!)

    The only jealousy of other tank i have, as a DK, is the single target snap aggro when compare to warrior. Glyph of Block + Shield Block + 10k Shield Slam Crit + Sword and Board + more shield slam crit = FML.

    The only thing compareable on snap aggro on that scenario, is when i pop Death Chill + Obli and hopefully follow up with Rime proc.

    As a warrior tank for most part of my wow journey, i still miss Shield Slam. But Dk is definitely the 2nd most versatile tank amongst its counterpart. When i say versatile, it doesnt mean it’s the most desireable or favourite tho, due to the variety of buff that can be bring by the 2 facerollers. The same fate goes to warrior tank as well, they got all the tools for tanking, but they just dont have as much buff, and prolly the lowest dps still (even after buff), so i think it’s just a trade off thingy amongst em.

    I’m gonna be back to Warrior tank in Cata. :)

  • Deathrunner

    I’m a blood tank with mostly t9 gear and some ICC 10 first wing boss drops.  For me, there is no difference between pally aoe and my aoe. I was doing ICC tonight and tbh, i had more aggro than the main pally tank on multiple adds and trash. all i do is DnD IT, PS, Pest, BB, BB, BB ,  “Corpse Explosion” (havent seen many ppl use this but its good aoe threat) and keep refreshing diseases while BB n CE. occasionally i use DS to get death runes and rune tap and rune weapon to clear runes. I was picking aoe adds faster than the pally. IT rules. Massive threat. not to mention tht i do about 2.5k-3k+ dps too. you gotta play around with the talents a bit till you find  the best set up. and adjust your play style according to the utilities u have.  dk is a dk not a pally. if you want pally spells, you should play pally. if you wanna play dk, play around and find your own style. btw, i also hav time to pop rune tap n Vam Blood too if i need to… i jst blood tap, then rune tap and then DS to top up my helth while healers are away. and then ice bound and Vamp blood to stay alive till the healer get back. in my rotation however i hav time to HS and DC too… and i put macros on HS DS and DC to hit a Rune strike when available. play around with your dk.. hes much better than pally. dnt whine about pally spells are better.. use your own spells in a better way and beat the pally tank. not hard. can be done. if you are unhappy with dk spells, dnt play dk, change to pally. also dnt forget the skils dk tank has which no other tank has. pally concentrate around him. we dnd far away. out IT is ranged. we hav death grip. for example, in icc deathwhisperer, pally tank can only pick up 2 of the adds fro sides and if he try more, he fails massively. i can take all 3 and more. dnd on 1, IT on 1 taunt the other, run to the dnd one, death grip the IT on to you now you have all 3 adds on you on your dnd, PS the IT one and pest. you are holding all three.too easy. play dk as a dk.. not as a pally no offense btw. jst telling you the truth.

    • Shadovar

      I’m pretty sure, given his moderation of a DK tanking site and general experience of the class, Gravity wants to play DK tanks, loves them and knows how to play them. I think you missed some of the point of the OP Deathrunner. It’s a tongue in cheek comparison and whine/vent. Not a post about how much DKs suck, or that he can’t play them well. If you note the body of the text you’ll see he completed HoR just fine in both specs, but was commenting on the specific challenges of a DK in maintaining AoE threat while new adds come in, and in running gauntlets. Yes, any DK tank worth his salt can drop a DnD then IT/DG/whatever other adds into it during an initial pull. After the DnD drops you have five seconds of much lower AoE threat while the CD on DnD completes, DPS are still dropping bombs of threat on your adds and half a dozen new adds come running at you. It’s not impossible, just a challenge, and one that certain other tanking classes don’t even have to bat an eyelid at. And please learn how to use even basic punctuation. Your first two sentences start out fine, after that you become nigh unreadable. No offence intended by the way, just the truth.

  • Wyndryd

    Little late but what the hell.. what I like about my DK tank is that I can cause threat from multiple locations.
    Ex. (Little contrived but a good example).
    Dreamwalker in ICC, I can drop my DnD where the supressors will path or end up when trying to debuff the dragon, then run around picking up Aboms, Zomnies, Skeletons etc etc.. and the supressors will run to me while I’m doing that. When I’m back in the same area, I refresh the DnD.
    Let’s see a Pally / Warrior / Druid toss a ‘fire and forget’ threat generator like that.

  • Perakasa

    not sure why there is much discussion on this at all, Dk’s are superior to every other tank in every single way right now.  No one in the game (dps-wise either) can come even close to touching DK single target threat.   it’s really a joke.  With both blood and dw frost specs.  so any DK that has ANY problems single target, or has a pally pullling more threat than them single target should just reroll, or change games.  DK threat is incredibly high, and sustainably high.  Even if all you have to do is resort to spamming icy touch, it’s way out of control.  To Melder, warrior threat is a fraction what DK threat is single target.  Plain and simple.  And for AOE, DK is the strongest as well.  Not by such a huge margin as with single target, but still the best.  We don’t need any more tools or tricks in our toolbox, so to speak.  We are already the best.

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