Enjoying a Random HoR

The other day I did a random and ended up in Halls of Reflection. In my frost tank spec, I’m comfortable with the waves and the gauntlet. Does take fiddly management of all my abilities, and isn’t easy, but normally I get through it without any deaths.

This time, however, we kept dying and I could not work out why. I still don’t, really, but the team pulled through eventually and I really enjoyed the run. Gave me positive hope for WoW’s community.

What was great is the guys in that random team. To help, the hunter Seigfreid switched to BM, got his gorilladin out, and offered to hold secondary threat in the waves. That worked really well, but nerfed his dps. A few times, I’d see his gorilla holding off a rogue or other mob, and I’d not need to worry about taking over. Fatts, the tree, did well too. Once we wiped and he said, “I got distracted by something shiny, next moment you were dead”.

Given we’d wiped a few times on the waves, we decided to do the ‘stay behind Lich King’ technique and I was just typing “dont fall down the little crack” when Fatts fell into it. The adds started coming then.

I edged right up to the crack, so Fatts sitting at its bottom could get LOS to me and heal, which worked for a while and I kept tanking.

Then somehow he was standing next to me again.

fatts' wedge techniqueThus Fatts’ wedge technique was named. We then suddenly all died… because our dps was too low on gauntlet and Lich King autopwned us. Would have been so epic to complete it with Fatts’ clever wall climbing. Seigfreid switched back to MM dps, and we finished it. So my thanks to Pershing and Allday too who dps’d their socks off and took it all in good humour.

If I could /friend these guys, I would have, and I apologise for whatever the hell went wrong that day.

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9 comments to Enjoying a Random HoR

  • I love Halls of Reflection. Aside from the two trash pulls right after Ick in PoS, those are the only really challenging encounters available in 5-mans that I can think of. It really tests the limits of your tanking capability.
    I have tanked it a lot of times as frost, a few times as blood, and a decent number of times as Unholy. It is one of the places where Hungering Cold actually can make a difference. On the first waves, mind you, not on the Lich King event. Frost is as expected better for snap aggro. I don’t like Blood’s (lack of) AoE threat; have trouble keeping aggro when people are going buckwild AoE. I like Unholy best, though. I can start almost every wave with Bone Shield up. Anti-magic Shell works like a charm here. Since there are corpses lying around from earlier waves all the time, Corpse Explosion provides Unholy with a good snap-aggro here, and has solid range; 15 yards with the glyph over Howling Blast’s 10 yards.
    It’s also a good idea to use CC against the riflemen. They usually stand far enough away that you can avoid them with your AoE threat if you want to, so Shackle Undead and Freeze Trap does wonders.
    A tip on the waves. In my opinion, the most dangerous mobs are neither the priests nor mages. It’s the mercenaries (rogue-like stuns). When they stun you, you face 3 seconds of no avoidance at all. With my 60%ish avoidance, that means I take on averaeg 2.5 times more damage than usual (150% extra damage). Most healers can’t react quickly enough to my sudden dive in health, and we wipe. That’s why I always give priority to killing the mercenaries first. In addition, I use Icebound Fortitude at the start of the 4th and 9th waves, the ones right before the boss. You can actually put the stun immunity to use here. It’s handy to have at the boss, but I’ve wiped more often on these two waves than on the bosses. Using either 1-min talent cooldowns is also a good idea, when you can’t use Icebound Fortitude. Even Anti-magic shell, when properly timed, helps a lot.
    Speaking of which… Anti-magic Shell rocks Falric. It suppresses the reduced healing and reduced damage aura. Use it when below 10% and at low health, and the healer can easily get your health to full. Or combine it with Death Pact.
    What is this “stay behind the Lich King” technique? Seriously, I’ve never seen or heard of it before.

  • Grumble grumble grumble…

    …warbringer nerf…

    …can’t break the mage root…

    …grumble grumble grumble…

  • Kenshi

    I don’t enjoy Heroic I see them an neccesary evil. There just 2 frost badges to me nothing more.

  • Diggory

    Ive only completed HoR hc once and that was a guild run. Everytime ive pugged it, its been utter shit. Mainly cause of a large population of huge ego huntards that appear to populate the silvermoon server.

  • Yog

    Nice post but what do you mean by “staying behind the Lich King?”

  • Shayzani
    Twitter: Shayzani

    “I got distracted by something shiny, next moment you were dead”
    Nothing but respect for this.

  • Xaris

    The “stay behind the Lich King” strat is also known as the “cheesy ledge strat”.  Basically, the whole party stands on one of the ledges to the left as the gauntlet event starts.  The lich king and his aura walk right past you and you fight all the baddies behind the Lich King.
    I’ve found tanking hHoR to not be too difficult on my DK now that I’ve learned a couple important techniques.  Always have the healer/ranged in the cubbie.  I always drop my DnD on each wave so that the healer is standing in my DnD.  I too always focus on the Mercenary first and I back myself up against a wall so that the mercenary can’t get behind me.  Death Grip is used for Riflemen and Silence for mages.  I actually like the trash waves because you have to use the full toolkit at your disposal and it’s not like the 100th time you’ve gone through UK which, if you had to, you could get through with just yourself and a healer.

  • Fatts

    thanks for the glowing review :D i like to think my healing has improved alot, my gear certainly has.  It was definately a good time. i didnt mind dying cause i was having fun. Gravity is an epic tank and an all around fun guy, its a shame ill likely never again get the pleasure of playing with him :(

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