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RankWatch: this addon watches the rank of spells you or party members use. If it’s lower than the maximum available, it whispers them or mentions it to you. In levelling my druid alt in 5-mans, I often find it telling people about spells they’re using. A few have replied saying thanks. You can end up having lower ranked spells yourself because of not training both when levelling up dual spec, or because you haven’t updated the spells in your action bar.

Here’s how it looks.

RankWatch addon in-game

RankWatch addon in-game

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5 comments to RankWatch: addon

  • Addons like this, while I understand the need for them completely, make me die a little inside.

    • Fragzor

      I kinda felt the same… before i installed it myself. It turned out i was using under ranked Hammer of Wrath for my pallie and a few other skills. And before you ask – yes i did train all skills and all my macros were updated and none of them had a specific rank put into macro (i used /cast hammer of wrath instead of /cast hammer of wrath [rank3]). How was that possible? NO idea but afair there are some bugs with spell ranks when you dual spec and switch them.

      So to conclude – I suggest installing the addon, just for extra safety.

      • Gravity
        Twitter: gravitydk

        It’s because your action bar can have an old version (by the rank of it), and the action bar is not updated to top version if its inactive; something like that. I use macros on nearly everything so didn’t have the problem.

  • Balq

    This is due to having dual specs when leveling, when you buy the upgraded skills, they don’t upgrade the bars on your other spec. This happened to me, one of the specs was running Horn of Winter lvl 1.

  • Aurdon
    Twitter: isheepthings

    @The Renaissance Man

    I agree completely but it helped me realize some mistakes I had made. Something like this should be built into the game in my opinion.

    I had first heard of this addon on worldofmatticus or perhaps nostockui. My first impression was that I’d never install it and something like this is kinda silly. Well while leveling an alt, I started to get whispers in instances and battlegrounds from those who used it. When I ran dominos, the spells auto updated. Once I swapped to Bartender this wasn’t the case.

    I had been healing heroics with down ranked spells for no reason…/fail
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