Which abilities require the GCD or facing opponent

I set out to tabulate those abilities Death Knights have which require the global cooldown, or trigger it, and which require you are facing the opponent, or can have your back turned.

This is useful for PvP and tanking, and goes towards my effort to help DKs become better representatives of our awesome class.

It’s simply important to know that:

  • your tanking cooldowns do not require a GCD to use, just the requisite rune or runic power
  • but Death Pact does require GCD to cast and to raise your ghoul
  • you do not need to be facing your kited ooze to cast chains of ice
  • to taunt with dark command, the mob can be behind you, but death grip requires facing
  • death and decay doesn’t require you’re facing anyone, but needs line of sight to the targetted area
  • mind freeze doesn’t require a GCD to stop a caster, but strangulate does
  • your emergency buttons of blood tap and ERW do not require a GCD.

The table:

Ability Requires facing? Requires and triggers GCD?
[spell]Icy Touch[/spell] yes yes
[spell]howling blast[/spell] no yes
[spell]Death Grip[/spell] yes no
[spell]49938[/spell] no (needs LoS) yes
[spell]Mind Freeze[/spell] yes no
[spell]Strangulate[/spell] yes yes
[spell]Chains of Ice[/spell] no yes
[spell]Horn of Winter[/spell] n/a yes
[spell]Icebound Fortitude[/spell] n/a no (needs 20 RP)
[spell]Vampiric Blood[/spell], UA & BS n/a no
[spell]Death Pact[/spell] n/a yes
[spell]Raise Ghoul[/spell] n/a yes
[spell]Anti-Magic Shell[/spell] n/a no
[spell]Blood Tap[/spell] n/a
[spell]Rune Tap[/spell] no no
[spell]Empower Rune Weapon[/spell] n/a no
[spell]46026[/spell] n/a no

I checked, and in all cases if an ability requires the GCD it also triggers it. There are some talents in other classes which require the GCD but do not trigger it.

If there are other abilities you’d like added to this table, please just contribute the answer (verify it too).

ps. troll hp5 is off the GCD too, that’s how overpowered it is.

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