Unbreakable armour, damage reduction

I put together a quick spreadsheet to work out what damage reduction you get from [spell]unbreakable armor[/spell]. In my gear, approximately, I’d take 13.5% less damage when it’s up than with just base armour in frost presence. It would be 15.8% if it was glyphed too.

I’m thinking of going to Frost for ICC, since so many bosses suit a physical damage reduction tanking style. I’m currently Blood. I’ll probably go into [spell]acclimation[/spell] too, two-handed, two disease. I will carry around a spare stack of glyphs for howling blast, frost strike and UA to swap around for heroic 5-mans or boss-tanking.

My dps off-spec is unholy.

Download the Excel xls here.

Anyone else having thoughts about changing their primary tank spec?

Update: the comments are particularly worth reading.

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50 comments to Unbreakable armour, damage reduction

  • Well that saves me the time to test, I didn’t get to it last night. So it is a taunt, and it can miss. Having a second taunt as backup will make me less worried about a missed taunt, but I think I’ll still maintain hit cap :)
    .-= Lasciell´s last blog ..Back on track =-.

  • Süffer

    Hey Grav, been a bit since I posted but I was lookin through some older topics and talking to one of my current guilds dk tanks (I don’t tank any more, still have a completely current set though), and stumbled across this one as he and I’d been discussing frost tanking. With your death grip hit discussion. One thing to take note of is I do believe deathgrip qualifies as a physical ability, so the hit needed to make it not miss is grossly lower then dark command which goes off our spell hitcap. That alone would explain the much lower miss chances you and others are noticing, 8% vs 16% before hit rating >.< pretty big difference.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      That’s possible, but wouldn’t make much sense since normally all ranged attacks use the spell-hit table. But maybe you’re right, even though it’d be a really weird exception.

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