Interaction of rune strike with melee haste

I wanted to share a snippet on this finding I made whilst trying to verify the value of [spell]improved icy talons[/spell] in my previous analysis.

I thought at first Kahorie’s had a bug in the way it handled melee haste, because I was seeing a disproportionate increase in mainhand damage, beyond the 20% a windfury buff should give. Simply turned out I wasn’t adding [spell]rune strike[/spell] and mainhand hits together before checking they had increased by 20% (oops).

So, what’s cool is that a similar test lets us look at how much rune strike increase you get from melee haste. In theory, it should be notable because you can take advantage of more RS opportunities as your swing speed approaches that of the boss’. This is one reason dual-wield is pretty sweet; with enough runic power you can succesfully proc against more of the fast-swing speed ICC boss’ attacks.


If the boss has a 2.0 attack speed, and you have a 30% combined dodge and parry in Icecrown, with a normal two-handed swing of 3.6, then you get windfury: rune strike hits increase by 3.7%.

Against a 1.5 speed boss, rune strike increases by 7.3%.

This is why raid melee haste is so hawt (not haste from items, it’s too weak; you need a massive boost like windfury or imp icy talons to make a appreciable difference to rune strike).

This effect has lifted the value of IIT inside Icecrown, because bosses hit faster.

More analysis another day; I wanted to share this quickly.

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9 comments to Interaction of rune strike with melee haste

  • Psy
    Twitter: thelordpsy

    The formula for RS% should be
    1 – ([1 - (Odds of dodging an attack)]^[Number of attacks between strikes])
    Which is
    1 – ([1 - (Dodge + Parry)] ^ [YourAttackSpeed / BossAttackSpeed])

    1 – ([1 - .3] ^ [3.6 / 2.0]) = 1 – (.7 ^ 1.8) = 47% of attacks are RS, or 7.8 RS/M
    1 – ([1 - .3] ^ [3.0 / 2.0]) = 1 – (.7 ^ 1.5) = 41% of attacks are RS, or 8.2 RS/M

    Point being, the more haste you have, the fewer of your melee swings will be RS; But since you’ll have more total melee swings, you’ll end up having more total RS during the course of the fight. The theoretical maximum is, of course, the number of attacks you avoid.
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  • Darthmool

    The tooltip for Rune Strike states the ability triggers on ‘Next melee’, are you aware of any testing which have been done to confirm Rune Strike only triggers on main hand weapon attacks and does not also trigger from off hand attacks?  This is obviously important as, if off hand attacks can trigger rune strikes, selecting weapons of different speeds will generate additional rune strike oportunities resulting in a dramatic reduction of the impact of melee haste on the rune strike ability. 

    I have tried searching for examples of testing for off hand triggers for Rune Strike however the few threads I have found discussing the subject seem to have been answered by people based on the way Heroic Strike works rather than any testing on the Rune Strike skill.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Your question includes a mistaken understanding of Rune Strike. It is triggered by the tank avoiding an attack (dodge or parry). It has nothing to do with the tank attacking. Once triggered, RS then is delivered by replacing the next melee attack.

  • Darthmool

    Sorry maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly. I am aware that a parry is needed to trigger a RS however if the boss is attacking with a speed of 1.5s and you are wielding two 2.6 second weapons it is possible for the boss to attack twice in between your auto attacks which if both are dodged or parried would result in the loss of one of the RS opportunities.

    If however the offhand weapon were a 1.5s tanking weapon this will mean, in the example above, both of these dodged / parried boss attacks could be used for a RS if the offhand weapon also classes as a ‘melee attack’ as shown in the tooltip. The benefit of this would be that the same affect you were describing with the use of increasing melee haste could also be achieved with the use of a fast offhand weapon and coupled with ToT would result in only a small drop in the threat and damage being generated.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    That’s a good question Darthmool. I’m fairly sure, but not certain, that the ‘next melee’ is only based on the mainhand speed (since that’s the normal behaviour for these kinds of mechanics). I don’t recall where I read that or if it was authoritive.

  • BahamutINFINITY

    About Rune Strike…Which abilites should I macro it onto? (I’m a DW Frost tank, and a total newb to tanking in general…)

    • Instructions
      Twitter: awfullyquiet

      When i’m frost, I macro RS to my 3/4 button, which happen to be Oblit and HB… I run 2h frost-HB (mostly because my lack of 1h gear weapons that don’t suck are tremendous)… and i’m constantly mashing HB and OB as much as possible… TBH, put it on the buttons you mash the most. Conveniently for me, I do the same thing for blood and macro RS on HS and DS as those are the bread and butter of my attacks.

      Play with the amount of keys you macro it too, if 2 feels like too little, and with frost strikes you’re not really losing any RP vs usage of your FU pairs… bind it to 3, or 4… i just won’t suggest binding it to FS.

  • Well, I macro Rune Strike to darn near every attack that I have. I’d try going that route unless you find yourself consistently running below 20 Runic Power – which is the magic number to pop off Icebound Fortitude in an emergency.

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