PvP weapons for tanking

The new season PvP weapons are awesome. If you can get into an arena team for points and enough rating, man the rewards are sweet.

If you’re only a 10-man raider (like me), particularly it might be the only way you can get an i264 weapon.

If you don’t normally PvP, it’s not that hard to get into. Use emblems to buy resilience gear, do wintergrasp and battlegrounds for more res gear, keybind everything, spec appropriately (use arenajunkies.com or look around for a spec that suits you), lower your latency and have the intestinal fortitude to lose again and again until you work out what the hell you’re doing. Use inbuilt voice at least if you don’t have vent/ts, it’s just too hard doing 3-man arena without it – you will not have time to type about switching targets. I’m sure some avid PvPers will give us some further tips in comments, too.

Now getting to 1800 rating is another matter. People say it’s really easy, but if you’re new to PvP I can tell you for sure, it’s not instant. You do need resilience. You do need a healer who understands PvP healing, since it’s quite a different role to PvE raid healing and a slightly different spec too; which means they’re learning too.

Anyhow, if you can get it together, or if you are already damn good at PvP (grats), then the PvP arena weapons are incredible for tanking in raids. Since two-handed tanks use dps weapons anyhow (ie. unlike DW Frost who might use two tanking-stat weapons), the trade-off between a raid item and a PvP item is something like: strength for attack power (ie. no parry) and expertise for resilience (which might not be a threat issue if you’re upgrading from i251 to i264, the threat of a higher-damage strike probably makes up for expertise loss).

For one-handed tanks, the options are really lovely too, much better than the PvE slow alternatives.

You can also pick one that matches your racial expertise bonus or looks the best. I’d have trouble choosing, but the sword and polearm look best to me.

These are the 1800-rating i264 items:

The two-handed weapons have 243 stamina and two sockets, so you can get 303 stamina on the weapon! Compare to [item]Cryptmaker[/item] which has some nice tanking stats surrounding it, but lower stamina. When deciding if you want it, remember that your weapon is usually the single best source of threat stats and (sometimes) strength.

The one-handers, if you had two of them, have 268 stamina when gemmed.

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6 comments to PvP weapons for tanking

  • Kenshi

    I don’t think I’ll be doing pvp for one of those weapons. I love the pve ones to much :)

  • eysen

    Pvp x_x
    Too fustrating for me so I left it behind a long time ago.

  • Psy
    Twitter: thelordpsy

    Pro tip.
    When your MMR is at 2200 and your healer has 17k HP, you don’t win games.

  • i’d like to anounce here: i fell like the only one long-time-80-main-character-dk who has NOT done a single arena game (at least one of a few xD)
    .-= shax´s last blog ..Tank/Raid-Tipps: Blood Queen/Blutkönigin Lana’thel =-.

  • I’d be curious to see a little of the math behind this.  Does the upgrade in iLevel make up for the poor itemization in terms of budget spent on resil?  That is, is there a net increase in EH/threat/TankPoints/whatever?The question, unfortunately, doesn’t matter to me as slow 1h weapons are really not desirable for warriors.  I may end up doing arenas anyway for the shield, though, as they are nearly impossible to get otherwise.While I think that the lack of a block mechanic hinders DKs in some respects, I think that in terms of gearing it is an enormous advantage.  The prevalence of 2h weapons provides members of the class with many opportunities for upgrades.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Something like this one? That is pretty good eh.

    In terms of maths, in some ways there’s not much relevance. The PvP weapons just have loads more stamina. For threat one-handers, it’s an easier decision, since the PvE slow 1H have low stamina and the fast 1Hers are better tanking stats overall, so you have the usual threat versus survival dichotomy, and for threat the PvP one-handers are awesome (since they have threat and stamina).
    The useful math would be on strike damage, but usually a higher iLevel is an automatic higher TPS because so much damage comes from strikes.
    Another factor though is expertise, which is sad to lose.

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