Mumble and murmur: voice comms

Blood Legion, on their Lich King kill announcement, said:

We’d like to mention that this kill wouldn’t have been possible without the near-zero latency voice chat of a newly-discovered Ventrillo alternative that we just started using, called Mumble.  We encourage players to try out this new software!

That’s a very high accolade. It’s not an off-hand comment.

I hadn’t even heard of Mumble.  It’s an open source, very low latency voice comms system. Here’s their home page. It’s been around for years, apparently, and there are commercial host providers. I found two with a quick google search. You could also self-host since it’s free software.

It’s also got a Mac client, which is important since TeamSpeak has a really bad Mac client, and Ventrilo requires a particular codec to work at all.

But it’s the very low latency that sounds particularly good to me. Anyone using it? In any case, I thought it important enough to highlight to everyone.

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11 comments to Mumble and murmur: voice comms

  • Had never heard of Mumble (love the name), but thanks Grav will check it out now. The cross-platform aspect is nice. Thankfully Vent hosting companies seem to default to cross-platform codecs these days, although self hosted Vent servers can still be an issue unless the admin is fairly technical. Platform really shouldn’t be an issue in a perfect world..! It certainly isn’t for WoW itself.
    .-= Chev´s last blog ..The Emblem Plateau =-.

  • Gollum

    Yeah, we’re using it for quite some time and it’s really great (i’ve used both vent and teamspeak heavily before, but mumble is much-much better).

  • Süffer

    That is an interesting statement, when looked at as its read. However Grav, upon talkin to my buddy in Blood Legion where the quotes taken from. They cut a deal to promote mumble shortly before the LK kill that the quotes made from. Deezul also mentioned though, that he did agree there’s a noticeable difference due to the lack of “vent lag”, but I felt it was worth mentioning as you don’t want to get caught quoting some advertising hoopla from a sponsored guild : ).

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      How brilliant is that marketing! You realise Mumble is open source, so the only real beneficiaries are commercial hosts? This was one reason I didn’t mind quoting them.

    • fwaggle
      Twitter: fwaggle

      I’m wondering who would have sponsored them to say that? My wife’s company was one of the first US-based commercial Mumble hosters (there were plenty of others in Europe before we came along), and I have in the past cut people deals for talking up about Mumble (and specifically avoiding our servers) but these guys don’t sound familiar at all…
      … here I was thinking I was the only one with that idea. :(

      • Gravity
        Twitter: gravitydk

        I never found out who it was. Maybe the developers, though, since there was no named host company.

        It’s odd how after this article in February first brought Mumble to my attention, which then remained on my mind, then I used it as a sponsor benefit.

  • JackFrøst


    I’ve been using mumble for some time in competitive FPS (First Person Shooter) games, which as you may know demands a MUCH higher response time on latency for team calls and such than wow.

    Saying that, I’ve used most voice communication clients since TeamSpeak came out, and mumble is by far the best on the latency aspect. However, you lose some nice extra features vent has (Such as comments, and the ability to copy them). Despite that downside mumble is definitely be my preferred method of voice comms.

  • Masterkiller

    Interesting post Grav! I have brought the topic up with my guild and we may do some testing. I’ll report back what we find!

  • Masterkiller

    Tested it out and LOVE it. We found a free server at UCF and my ping is below 10ms…so we are going to try a whole 25man raid test tonight! It’s nice you can finaly have your volume up in WoW and it’ll automatically lower game volume when someone talks. No more missing out on the fun!

  • [H]aterade

    mumble is great an all, but there’s some downsides to it as well.  If you turn up the audio quality, it takes much more bandwidth away from your online activity.  second, if you post a comment in a channel, like info to a counter strike server, you can’t copy it.  A user has to post the comment, then you can copy it from the user.  Annoying, but a downside.
    Major upside is that if you turn down the audio quality, which i prefer, I never experience lag in mumble, and it’s a lot cheaper then a vent server, and it’s a really powerful program once I learned about setting permissions and registering users.  It’s really well done.

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