Parry-haste confirmed to be mostly off in Icecrown Citadel

Posting here on parry-haste, the proc nerf and following me on Twitter.

The other day I posted about preliminary findings which show ICC has parry-haste mostly turned off for the raid bosses. Theck’s confirmed that now, and my gratitude to the original writers Tbdsamman (parry-haste addon) and Clifton (wrote the log parser).

Boss Can boss parry-haste?
Marrowgar no
Deathwhisper yes
Deathbringer Saurfang no
Festergut no
Rotface no
Putricide no
Prince Valanar no
Prince Taldaram no
Blood-Queen Lana’thal no
Sindragosa yes
Lich King no

Sindragosa should not be tanked dual-wield either, because of Permeating Chill. Go two-handed. Also gives some advantage to a DK over other tank classes who attack faster.

This strengthens the conclusion I made the other day. Don’t worry about expertise as a mitigation stat. It’s a threat stat again (in Icecrown anyhow). If you care about ToC, Theck also analysed those fights.

Dual-wielders no longer need 30 or 26 expertise to be viable.

Stay up to date with Twitter

I twittered about this before blogging. I mentioned a threat profiling addon and a cursor-highlighting one. Noted DRW and Garg strangely now give threat! I also posted my single-target raid buffing blood spec.

We also discussed the raid value of [spell]Hysteria[/spell] (~200 dps for a top 50 guild rogue, Feist) and its synergy with Bloodlust. Linked to my favourite column. Mentioned how great Allods Online is.

Sometimes I don’t blog about these, just ‘micro-blog’ with Twitter. They’re just not big enough to warrant a post but are often valuable snippets. I listen to the other tank bloggers tweets, for the same reason.

The proc nerf

The recent nerf to how proc effects interact with white hits had more impact than I’d thought. It means obviously that Necrosis is not added to rune strike, which I knew, but worse: it means Killing Machine (comes off melee hits) is not proc’d by rune strike.

I haven’t analysed the threat impact of these subtle changes, but they suck and there’s no word if they’re intended or not. For Frost: it’s possible that black ice is now better than KM; and for Blood, Subversion is now definitely better than Necrosis. Topic here.

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11 comments to Parry-haste confirmed to be mostly off in Icecrown Citadel

  • Lashe

    From what I’ve read on your twitter – has the DRW threat change been confirmed? I want to make sure before I respec :) And then to figure out where to put it in my tank rotation for the best effect.

  • Uru

    i already read about the proc nerf on runestrike, and also i already read somewhere on the fact that pheraps it nerfs also killing machine.

    i believed it was a wrong preoccupation, since killing machine tooltip says “your melee attacks”, while necrosis says “autoattacks”.

    so killing machine should work on ALL the dk strikes, auto and special, for what i understand.

    where am i wrong?

    using my dualwield tanking build i must say i didn’t notice a drop in the number of killing machine procs, at all (dualwielding surely helps proccing, but i’d still like to know where’s the truth, for when i use the stamina set with 2hander).

  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    If im not mistaken, there’s a patchnote or a minor patch note saying that the proc rate of KM is increase and it follows the rule of ppm, so as what the blue said, it “…SHALL BRING THE PROC RATE CLOSER TO DUAL WIELDING…” and in the same patchnote, they also stated the increase in proc rate in general to make up for the nerf on the talent, not sure by how much tho.

    Anyway, the KM seems to work as usual all the while no matter how they changed, atm i’m more interest about Gargoyle/DRW/Ghoul giving threat.

    I tested out on Gargoyle, and how it works, is, yes, indeed the Gargoyle increase your threats, HOWEVER, the increment are only transfered to you, AFTER the cease of the Gargoyle, so it’s not something that is viable or useable to boost TPS to snap aggro a mob.

    As for DRW, it seems a lil harder to test, as far as i can see on Omen and DTM, DRW DOES gives you threat amounted to the damage he done, and it’s not affected by any multiplier.

    It seems that if the pet is immune to attack (DRW), you get threat simultaneously as it attack, however, for pet that can be killed (Gargoyle), you get its threat transfered to you AFTER it ceased.

    From my experiences on Ghoul, im pretty sure it doesnt give you any threat. This can easily be tested for those players who level up with Unholy and has a perm Ghoul. The player and the Ghoul are on 2 seperate threat table.

    Judging from the nature of both DRW and Gargoyle, even that it helps on TPS in long fight, i’m still kind of reluctant on pick them up.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    DRW is nice for rotface/festrgut and other fights where even the tank needs to do his highest dps.

  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    Yes i do agreed on that, maybe because i rarely play with blood or unholy as my main spec, seeing a 51 pts with no support form talents in previous tiers, or any help in holding aggro/survival, just seem a bit of waste, but as i tried out various built, whenever i have a point or 2 dangling around, i’ll usually put into them for the dps to help out as well.

    It’s just 1 point anyway.

  • Uru

    whish grav can read this also if the post is some day old :-p
    i came up with a question i can’t answer on my own regarding the procs : not only necrosis is on “autoattacks”, but also bloodcackedblade.

    does BCB suffer from the same nerf with runestrikes? being itself a proc “on a proc”, it would be quite hard to test without a good hours of playtesting, and i don’t have time at all in these days (just slacking a bit on work coming here on your blog, but i can’t play .-p ).

    still loving unholy spec ,and since parryhaste is disable, i was thinking if a spec like this could work inside icc :

    1- bcb since parryhaste is disabled and (wish that) runestrike “bug” doesn’t apply to it

    2- gargoyle a good threat boost since it was discovered it transfers threat to the tank?

    3-night of the dead makes death pact a REAL cooldown since you can sacrifice the ghoul instantly when you need, instead of after 2seconds (required to summon him usually+animation lag). just pop him like 10-15secs before you know that the soft-enraging skill is coming, and with the avoidance NoTD gives you don’t have to worry that he dies and you have 1 min window in wich you can sacrifice him. lowered cooldown on the summon also makes for an almost permanent pet that you can always sacrifice when needed.

    4- corpse explosion was a filler point but in ICC all the trash is explodable, so it’s useful again

    5- as third glyph i was thinking pheraps at deathstrike? you would use death strike outside the bone shield duration , making unholy survivability just the same of blood, outside the cooldowns window. (threat could be an issue but guess this needs some test on the road, with the support of gargoyle also).

    6-other third glyph choice could be death&decay +2xt10, to use it also in the rotation with bosses (come on, there’s very few bosses in game you need to kite so much around, and d&d has a huge radius that helps).

  • Sorry I don’t have much opportunity or access to Pwnwear lately!
    Stopped by to review your stuff and I just want to say it’s wonderful as usual.
    This parry haste research is fantastic.

    Were I tanking more, I’d clearly have to find more time to browse Pwnwear, since besides EJ and Tankspot, this is probably the best source for this kind of info. You rock Grav!
    .-= Hinenuitepo´s last blog ..What to do about 10-man raids in a 25-man Guild? =-.

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