Tier-gear or not, for strict 10-man tanks

Choosing how to spend your Emblems of Frost is also a decision on whether you get the 4-piece set bonus, which is particularly complicated if you’re a strict 10-man tank.

For DKs, we are alone in having a fucking awful 2-piece set bonus. Look at it. Useless for every boss fight in ICC. That bonus is an insult.

The decision on set gear is different for a tank who is unlikely to get into a 25-man ICC to one who is confident they’ll zone into 25-mans. The self-nerfing feature of ICC might allow PUGs to succeed there more in the future. A tank in 25s can expect to upgrade their i251 set gear into its i264 version.  A more strict 10-man will not.

A hardcore 10-man will see the hard-modes though which drop i264 gear. Deathwhisper drops a Ghoul Commander’s Cuirass which has normal 10 and heroic 10 versions. In comparison to Cat chest though; Cat has the EH from armour which I prefer.

A tank who is not anticipating 25-man raids can therefore look at the Emblem of Frost chest and gauntlets, and the crafted [item]pillars of might[/item] as their path to i264 gear. However, the 4-piece bonus is really good since you could use it every minute.

So should I get the i264 off-set items if it means I cannot get the sweet 4-piece bonus? I’m not actually sure (yet). I don’t know if my guild will go into hardmodes, or how far, since I joined recently and didn’t see how they fared on Ulduar or ToC hards. Update: I checked and hards are not on the agenda as a goal per se. (I’m in a one-night raid guild with lots of great raiders who can’t raid every night, quite a few former hardcores). That makes it easier for me to plan.

You could get one off-set i264 and keep the set bonus, or get three off-set items but no set bonus. For either path, the crafted [item]49907[/item] are an option if you’re wealthy enough.

For a tank who is going into 25-mans, the answer apparently is you should get the 4-piece bonus. Splug says you’ll want it for Arthas. I trust his opinion and haven’t analysed that much. (You might know him from the tankspot videos or from other tank forums.)

So with no 25-mans nor hardmodes, here’s a wowhead comparison of the Cataclysmic Chestguard versus Scourgelord i251 chest. It shows how odd the itemisation is on both: one with no defence and the other with loads of expertise.

I just noticed the socket gem rule I usually work on doesn’t apply to Cat, because it has three sockets. If the bonus is +9 stam I gem to match socket colour, but for three gem sockets, I don’t think +12 is enough. I’ll put 30 stams in it instead of matching colours.

Man, it’s not easy.

If the decision was simply one piece of gear versus another, it’d be simplified, but I also need to factor in whether I’ll get into 25-mans or 10-man heroic-mode, plus whether I can afford to craft the i264 legs and i264 feet.

I have no idea what to do yet, and I have 60 EoF waiting on my decision.

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  • Hmm, I actually really like the 2 piece T10 set bonus. In fact, I like it so much that I rushed to get it – and now that I have it I’m glad that I did. I think that people tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to raiding, in that their focus is almost exclusively on boss encounters. However, one of my biggest complaints as a DK tank was my trouble with AoE threat in ICC 10 and 25. There are some pulls that really require you to kick out significant amounts of AoE threat. It’s a big enough problem that you can’t at all get away with using only DK tanks – every other tank you can get away with using only that class in a pinch. I think that the 2 piece set bonus helps out with this immensely. Now that I have that set bonus, I’m finding that I’m having a way easier time with AoE threat generation. Along with this, DnD isn’t just good for Unholy tanks – I go 3/3 Morbidity and glyph for it as a Blood tank, and I don’t find myself missing any other key talents/glyphs.

    Now, I do think this bonus is kind of bunk for Frost tanks, where picking up 3/3 Morbidity makes less sense, and where you don’t have as open a slot for your 3rd glyph as you do for Blood.
    .-= Lasciell´s last blog ..Back on track =-.

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