4-piece in Rawr

A quick note to advise that Rawr Tank DK module doesn’t (yet) account for the 4-piece set bonus of T10 gear. This means you can’t use its survival/mitigation points to compare the i264 offset items with the tier-gear.

Shazear knows now, and is fixing it.

Until I’m sure of my gear plan regards 4-pc versus offset items, I’m just saving my Emblems. I like to use Rawr for gear analysis.

If you are in a similar conundrum to me, but are itching to spend Emblems, I’d suggest to buy the tier shoulders. This presumes you’ve already got the offset cloak and belt (they’re top picks).

Update: Feb 28th 2010, it’s been corrected in latest version.

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7 comments to 4-piece in Rawr

  • Futhark

    Very nice find. I went with the T10 chest, so I’m hoping the changes bump it up past CatChest to justify my choice.

  • Aeura

    Any news on what I should get after shoulders? Also is the corroded skeleton key worth it?

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Oh, Rawr was updated the other day (I twittered about it). I used it to work out, that in my situation (10-man raider, no chance of hard-modes, and not likely to do 25-mans, therefore can’t plan around getting any i264s) the 4-piece is better overall than mixing it with off-set i264s.

    Corroded key is the last item you’d buy with Frosties. It’s not very good at all.

    You’d buy cloak and belt (i264), then the set items (i251 tier 10). This presumes you’ve got glyph of indomitability and the sigil from Triumphs.

    • Instructions
      Twitter: awfullyquiet

      CSK has maaaannnnnyyyyy detractors.

      But, gravity is 100% correct, if you’re running w/o a good stam trinket in your repertoire (see: juggs vitality/Satrinas/brewfest), go do it. If you’re not running with a good armor trinket in your repertoire (see: black heart/glyph), if you don’t have a good avoidance trinket in your repertoire… and are in ICC… well… don’t worry about it… I can’t think of really 1 fight in ICC which is avoidance is so superior to EH/Mitigation.

      Insofar as your priority for buying things? Yeah, buy the CSK last, as Satrina’s/Juggs provides similar stam bonuses (only moderately worse), and you could use those 60 emblems to buy something useful… like the Cat Chest, or convert them to saronite (and buy yourself some nice Pillars)… Really, without knowing your particular situation, it’s hard to comment on it.

  • aeura

    yea im in the same boat as you so thanks

  • Karzius

    Was going to get the Pillars of Might and go for the rest of the set bonus but that leaves me little to no expertise so a bit stuck with what to do. I guess I could just get the craftable boots and go for the rest of the set bonus so I can keep my expertise up. What do you think would be the best thing to do?
    Thanks :)

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