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You should check out Allods. Looking at it from the perspective of a WoW enthusiast, it’s very appealing. Released on Feb 16th in a ‘beta’ which is actually launch. Here’s my mini-review.

There are warrior and paladin tank classes, along with other archetypes such as mage, warlock, hunter, stabby etc. The healer wears plate. The mage has a strange mechanic where you get up to 5 combo points per school of magic cast, which can proc in random good ways. Mage’s slowing spell turns the opponent into an ice statue of sorts, slowing them; so you can do that for a while, then lay in a fireball. The Warden (like a druid with pet) had a lightning spell that reminded me of a DK’s Icy Touch, so I felt at home there too.

One mechanic that confused me is “fatigue”, which is basically exp that is ‘on hold’ until you visit an Innkeeper who converts it into real experience. Another, the pet class Warden has “dismiss pet” which I thought would be like WoW, but in fact it just lets your pet rest and regain its energy bar.

Another difference is there’s no auto-attack, because after L10 or so you don’t need it. You use specials. I read that “When you use a ‘normal’ attack as a warrior for example, you’re using energy from your energy bar. Auto attacks are free attacks that are limited by attack speed or cooldowns, in Allods even a normal attack uses the resources you’d otherwise use on anotherstronger move.”

Quests are the usual type, kill / collect / discover, but it is refreshing to be doing completely new quests and learning a new set of mechanics rather than replaying old WoW content.

After creating a new character, there’s a short tutorial instance. You can’t skip it and if you log out before completing the instance, your character will lose any experienced gained. It doesn’t take long to finish, though.

Your class choices, from a blogger notadiary:

The polish on this free-to-play game is astounding. It’s really well done. Story, art, animation, graphics and UI are of a high standard. They did invest $12M in its development.

It’s UI is similar to WoW so you can get playing very quickly. I adjusted the movement keys to my familiar settings.

To talk, you hit enter first, then /z for the zone (like /1).

I played for just a few hours, watched some youtubes and promo videos. I like the fantasy space opera theme. At high level, you can even buy a cool boat and man it with navigator, gunner, captain and so on.

If you want a game for maintenance nights, or as an alt-game to WoW for a break, can’t wait for SWTOR, etc, then this is really worth trying out. Do some reading prior to it opening. I’m going to probably play it instead of levelling a WoW alt (my druid), whilst WoW will remain my main game.

I’m on the server Nezeb, an Orc Paladin (tank to be), called Gravity. Empire are the bad-ass looking guys, not the cute ones. Say hi. :)

Other sites covering it, beyond Official site:

  • Keen and Graev’s (has forums too)
  • tips for new players from a site that also has guides (otherwise, site is inactive as of 2011).
  • more tips, including that you can buy from vendors items which others have sold, so check the ‘resale’ tab.
  • very importantly, the wowhead of Allods, item, quest and zone database.

All reviews I’ve read have been positive too.

There are starter newbie guides which I didn’t need to read at all, but do give some useful tips (including several I contributed).

Here’s a video of a ‘raid’ of them zerging a boss.

Here’s a video of the scenery.

Here is the ship.

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22 comments to Allods Online review

  • Infamousc

    Hey guys, it’s probably been a while since you last checked out allods online.
    To tell you the truth, it’s improve vastly since its closing beta phase. Although the game did hit a rough patch during the Gipat Patch, it has undergone numerous improvements. Everyone that is saying the game is too CS-dependent is quite wrong. There are now quests within the game which reward you with a 2x xp scroll and incense (30 minute double xp and also a buff for your character). The quest takes 15-20 minutes to do and allows you to be incensed for a whole day.
    Aside from that, there have been amazing improvements in the game’s graphics, interface, mechanics and various bug fixes.
    There has also been a ton of new content out such as the release of the final boss to Gorluxor’s Tower, a new PVP allod called Melting Isles, renewed Arena of Death and the June catacombs. These instances are pve and pve, which cater to the end-game players. Definitely worth checking out if you are a serious gamer. For those less serious gamers, Allods also introduced a whole new vanity system where you can mix and match a whole range of costumes to create your unique look!
    There has been A LOT of changed in the past couple of months in Allods Online, and it is definitely not the same game you played in June/July, it’s actually much better!
    So, try it out again, see if you like the new changes – Trust me, it’ll be worth it :)

  • Gaara

    btw check this link….this is the video of new mounts which are been released in the game………
    also the new patch Whole new level of PVP which u would just love to play….
    u got grudge on some of your own faction player..cant hit her/him..go to Melting isle ,,track them and have fun ^_^
    u wanna see how good ur ,go to ARena of death..and fight the best of best
    u like Mazes , then u wil just love JUNE OF CATACOMBS…a whole new thing what i had come across… remmber the scene from AVP movie(alien vs Predator.) where after lil time the pyramid changes it enternal structure…. Bang <SAme like it in the game…. but that AVP was easy ;p in June of cataacombs ,nothing is easy &_&
    so thats the newest stufff which is been added in the game…. U GOTTA TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT !!!!!
    Allods and their Gm’s are just Awesome :) ) .
    <3 U

  • Selodin

    dark knight is absolutely right, I have tried many other “big name” f2p mmo’s like LOTRO or RoM, but neither of them seemed as polished and creative as allods.
    To answer anyone who might have a question like forsaken worlds, You can level quite easily 1-42 without paying a dime. The game population as far as I know is recovered from some of the loss from the previous patches. However, you can rest assured any past flaws from the item shop have been fixed and the game is now incredibly worth it, whether you end up investing money into it or not.
    The talents are also a huge part of what brought me to allods – a mix of traditional WoW/Diablo talent trees and also a talent grid similar to that of Final fantasy. The sheer complexity of all the possible builds makes customization a reality.

  • viper

    Allods Online is the best RPG game i have ever played … Tho i havnt played any MMORPG game except Allods but i im sure dat whoever tries this game once he wont leave playing it :p
    The best part is that its F2P game… You dont hav to pay for any subscription stuff
    The another Pro is that there is always some or the other patch comes which contains new stuff nd u dont get bored at all… Or u will not say that ”its the same Quest i done b4 but has different monster”
    It has very cool graphics nd i love it very much….
    The another Pro is End Game Stuff …. It just makes the end game stuff much more excitng ^_^
    There is also Astral In Which we can travel through our own ship nd fight with Astral demons nd there are different land or rather i would say Allod ;p
    It jus make u play more and more…
    Plzz Give It A Shot its Worth It!!!!


  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Hiya guys, great to see some vocal supporters for Allods. Readers might want to check a more recent update on the game here too, noting that the cash shop is pretty well-balanced now.

  • I started yesterday and it is awesome so far. I can’t wait till the astral battles in the end game.

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