Upgrades for tanking you might not have considered


If you’re a tank on i232 or worse gear, you might have some options not considered before, using PvP gear for stamina. If you’ve run out of Frost Emblems for the moment, these items might be a temporary alternative.

40 tokens: [item]Titan-Forged Shoulderplates of Triumph[/item].

25 tokens: [item]titan-forged pendant of victory[/item]. Huge stamina, bonus threat, no avoidance.

25 tokens: [item]titan-forged cloak of victory[/item]

Here’s a comparison for the shoulders with the tier i251, which cost 60 Frosties.

In all cases, you get more stamina, a lot less avoidance. They have resilience, which can work towards keeping you uncrittable. Both might be temporary but a big iLevl upgrade, and lets you spend frost emblems on another slot in the meantime.

Something to consider.

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10 comments to Upgrades for tanking you might not have considered

  • Christopher S. Penn
    Twitter: cspenn

    One other one worth considering: Wrathful Gladiator’s Cloak of Victory if you’re still sporting Platinum Mesh Cloak, as I was.

    Comparison via WoWhead:

    The 181 AP is nice for threat, the hit and resil aren’t really important, but the stamina… oh, the stamina. It’s part of S8, but there’s no rating required, which makes it nice.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      whoa that’s a really nice one, thanks.

    • Instructions
      Twitter: awfullyquiet

      in the same token (heh), Wrathful Gladiator’s Pendant of Subjugation is also along those lines of trading a little stam for some more threat. Lacking the Solid gem, it puts it around 10 stam short of the Titan-Forged Pendant, but gains about 50 AP and 18 ArP…

      Maybe it’s just me, but 50k honor seems to take less time than 40 WG marks…

  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    Yea i still got some 251, and recently im looking at the Wrathful Glad’s gear, some of them are actually kind of nice, consider that i dont really need more defense now.

    Good way to burn my Stonekeeper shard. :D

  • Ténacity
    Twitter: xxiceman720xx

    If what I’m reading is correct, you are suggesting the increase in stamina is better than the avoidance stats obtained on i232? At what point does the increase in stamina lose it’s value? If you are tanking in i232 gear I’m assuming you aren’t going to be tanking ICC- but would this setup work in say 25man TotC?

  • Veneretio
    Twitter: veneretio

    The first 2 fine, but I’d really question anyone that delayed getting the Frost emblem cloak and instead picked up a PvP one.
    .-= Veneretio´s last blog ..Reflecting on 6 or 7 Tanking Mistakes you’ll consistently make =-.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I’m suggesting you could use these PvP items as an interim if what you’ve got is crappy in comparison, regardless of the ICC or ToC. You shouldn’t rely on them, of course, and I wouldn’t wear all three either. :)

  • Uru

    in my opinion the pvp shoulders are 200% a wrong go.
    there’s real tanking shoulders for TRIUMPH emblems, ilvl245.

    the neck is also very opinable, since there is a ilvl232 real tanking neck easily obtainable from toc10 normal or Hor heroic.

    cloack instead could be a good shot, since the only “easy” obtainable one is in hor normal, it’s only ilvl219, and honestly i spitted my blood to take it in pug with all the ninjas around plus the very slow queue of normal istances.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Yah that’s true, these shoulders shouldn’t be a goal given the EoT options, but for neck or cloak it might work if say you have zero EoF because you bought the i264 belt, and wanted something better to wear than i226 tank gear.

  • Uru

    probably yes, in these days, where that goddamn gearscore is becoming a very annoying issue, these could be a good workaround to get a place.

    in my server most people asks 5000gs in trade for the most stupid things, i doubt most of the people knows even what it means but they ask anyway, the air is full of “show me 5000gs”.

    yesterday i read in chat a 5000gs request for “honor your elders”…lol.

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