Class choices in Allods Online

Open Beta is launching now… once they get the server back up. It crashed with the number of users.

I’m still going to blog on Death Knight tanking more than anything else; this is an aside.

Geek aside: remarkable failure of network planning. There are affordable technologies, at the network layer, which would allow them to stop being swamped and crashing. If their server crashed, it was because they tried queuing at the application layer. Silly.

Anyhow, classes. A few things you might not realise:

  • ‘Healer’ class can wear plate, can melee and ranged dps, and off-tank too. Requires different specs, but possible.
  • ‘Summoner’ can heal, like a Warlock in WoW with pets, but a healer too.
  • ‘Paladin’ like in WoW, has tank, dps and healer specs.
  • ‘Warden’ the hunter equivalent also can off-heal.
  • the female orc Warden gets a pet goblin with a cigarette in his mouth
  • the male orc Warden gets a pet goblin who looks like a pygmy roman soldier
  • female elves look awesome with no clothes on.

Some reports are that these off-healer-types can heal really well, so as the game evolves we might see a game where there are 4 viable healer classes and two tank classes (warrior and paladin), which is an appropriate ratio.

Gnome haters? Orc Wardens get a gnome PET!!

The offhealers can dps and heal at the same time.

I’ll be Imperial (badass) and thinking of a Summoner now, to heal, but I can’t decide! I’ll be on Nezeb server. Update: settled on Paladin (tank/heal/dps hybrid), called Gravity of course. Below is graphic of an Arisen Summoner I considered.

Gravity the Summoner?

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6 comments to Class choices in Allods Online

  • Achanthion

    Sounds like a great game. Wish it had a mac client =/

  • Hardcore_left behind

    I’m rolling brute under the tennessus server, going to try and find a hardcore pve guild to join, but seems like Pve is really a secondary notion in this game and can’t really find much information on the endgame pve. Have you found much?

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      It’s not secondary, but it’s not been experienced much yet during closed beta. Only a few ships got made. End-game includes exploration via ships, and raids and instances. There’s apparently a lot developed. You can find bosses on Allods (islands) which you discover with your ship. I haven’t found much written info because not much was seen in closed beta.

  • Herectic

    I am stuck between a healer and a palladin any suggestions

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