Notes on killing Lich King, for DK tanks

Splug has offered a few tips on tanking the Lich King, which are worth noting. Interesting question there about Unholy possibly being useful, and on death drip the phase 1 shambling horror, which indicate a DK has some specific advantages?

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  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    It’s indeed there would be some slight advantages to spec Unholy, from the sounds of it , however, as what we usually mentioned, It is still a situational spec, and it wouldnt be the main stream till any changes on the tree in the future.

    It’s inferior in TPS, according to simulation, however, do keep in mind that due to both connection and human reaction lag, it is almost not possible to stay as constant and keep the optimal performance as shown on simulation.

    Secondly it’s its survivability,70% of the inc damage in raid are usually physical for tank, just think of it this way, if bosses are heavy spell damages, it just defeat the purpose of giving us the advantages of highest physical damages mitigation. And Unholy is basically superior in terms of spell damages mitigations. If the fight is heavy spell damages, and as tank i’ll get constant spell damages, Acclimations would prolly work better in long fight, and it’s only 3 points (prolly doesnt need 3/3 if the spell damages are frequent), i tried using Anti Magic Zone in fight like Festergut, stacking when Plungent Blight prolly isnt a good idea as the aoe debuff killed off most people. (just a reminder, when everyone in the zone, everyone will get the 16k spell damages mitigations)

    So, even that i enjoy Unholy being the most unique tree of DK, and the one that symbolize the class lore the most, i still think it would require a significant revamp to be viable as main stream.

  • Xcel

    Unholy is probably more viable on Arthas 10m until you get the 4-set bonus. I was solo tanking p2 as blood last night, and it took quite some micro management of cooldowns and trinkets to stay alive since Vampiric Blood alone isn’t enough, however when combined with the 4-set bonus that problem would go away and I think blood would be better again with the instant heals to get your health back up after Soul Reaper and WotN.

    As for p1 Deathgrip, it’s very handy, but any tank who’s got a clue wouldn’t have a problem getting it in place (tried it myself a few times on deathgrip misses)

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