Flask market indicates the beginning of the free epics period

First, Frost Lotus rate up 50%.

Now, Frost Lotus for free from frozen orbs. I bet every orb on your AH is already sold by profiteers ahead of the market. They vendor for 5g. I have always sold mine. News.

Now they’re worth something… lotus was 60g, 50% more of them should make them 40g, flooding from orbs should make them 10 to 20g, which means a flask will cost 15g or so and not be profitable.

Clever AH entrepreneurs will have already moved on this. Titansteel is being taken off cooldown too.

I feel sorry for trader Alchemists.

Free epics? This is the tip of the icebreg.

You might remember TBC launch. Do you remember just before it, the PvP system changed? Deja vu. Do you remember how that completely ruined raiding even in advance of TBC release? No-one cared because suddenly welfare epics existed in a way they had never before.

Flasks now. BG changes too. Ashen Verdict will self-nerf ICC soon. Frost Emblems will become more plentiful. The new weekly ICC-raid quests give 5 bonus emblems already.

It’s the beginning of the free epic period, but, it’s nearly six months early.

What will the game be like? It’s already something akin to an arcade game which you instantly move from one ‘level’ to another, randoms, get overpowered weaponry with ‘cheat codes’ of randoms so you can take on the Lich King.

I love WoW but I’m not so sure about the the timing of these changes. If the market for frost lotus just got annihilated, what’s next? We have about six months before Cataclysm.

ps. Allods Online is fun, but man their cash-shop is ridiculously overpriced. Fortunately, at the moment, and the design intent, is to fully enjoy the game without buying anything. Costs $20 to upgrade your bags by 6 slots. Hopefully they’ll drop that price before the “real” launch. It’s Open Beta now (ie. soft launch).

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19 comments to Flask market indicates the beginning of the free epics period

  • Kaletri

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised at the cash shop prices. Apparently we’re paying 20x what Russians are, so I’m going to assume it’s some sort of bug (it seems as though everything has an extra zero on the end).

    If it stays as ridiculous as it is, fine by me. It just means fewer people out there with the cash upgrades going up against me.

  • Perditio

    I don’t see what you’re really complaining about, especially in your case. You haven’t beaten Norm ICC10 yet, have you? And therefore you still have all of h-ICC10 after that. And even once that is all over, there is OS 2.0 coming in 3.3.5.

    For my point of view there is still so much that you could write about, or that you can do in-game. Just because the game is easier, and there is less grind, doesn’t mean the game is worse for it. This may be my opinion here, but WoW isn’t an “arcade game”, the encounters aren’t a cakewalk except for the best guilds. You can turn off the Ashen Verdict buff if you and your guild feel like they still need the challenge. Many other guilds, many other people, or even pugs eventually getting LK kills doesn’t belittle your own kills or achievements, it just makes them more widespread. And really, what is so terrible about that may I ask?

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Maybe I wasn’t clear, maybe you read into my post something I didn’t write. I’m complaining not about how it helps me (I’m grateful for that), but the slippery slope that begins now where many game mechanics start to get destroyed, so they can be re-created for the Cataclysm paradigm.

      For example, in a pre-Cat patch they will change the stats, talents and gearing to reflect the new system being implemented in 4.0. How long before Cat is released will they do that? A month? What impact will it have on raiding and playing at that time? It’ll likely be destructive again.

      • Perditio

        I guess that’s where the difference lies, I simply refuse any idea of a slippery slope, in relation to this, at least. Especially when Blizzard is well aware of this issue, and has stated that they don’t want a repeat of the 3.0 patch where suddenly everyone was getting to the 4th ZA chest with 15 minutes remaining. I think that with Blizz knowing where they went wrong last time, 4.0 won’t be the end of raiding as you seem to predict.

        That’s my hope, anyway, I could be wrong, and Blizz could have another 3.0 situation on their hands, with everyone done every single bit of content with months of wait till the expac actually hits.

  • Amof13

    Really from a game mechanics pov the big changes aren’t going to come till the very end were we’ll get 4.0 talents and all content will get nerfed into the ground(like they did in BC). As for welfare epics, whats a welfare epic? Is a toon in full 251/245 welfare out or is 264 welfare from easy bosses in ICC? Were do you draw the line, i personally would rather entry lvl gear be very easy to obtain so replacing/finding ppl isn’t such a pain. And simple design encounters to be hard/challenging. If you believe that WoW has gotten too spammy then HM Purtrice has to have a word with you.

    And screw 60g frost lotus.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      I like how easy the epics are to get. I personally took advantage of them to gear up in i232 so I could re-start my raiding career after moving from UK back to Australia (re-roll).

      What I don’t like is the rate of change (that I predict, maybe I’m wrong).

      I like that ICC brought the EoT into Heroics, I like the RFD system (mostly).

      However I’m expecting changes to BGs, frost lotus, titansteel, eternals, and cheaper primordial saronite (from more abundant EoF, from more weekly raid quests and more raid bosses with them) making crafted i264 much cheaper than the linear reduction we could predict if nothing had changed. The rate of change is accelerated, and that leads to my prediction of this slippery slope.

      Then the pre-4.0 patch with talent and stat changes, how long before release of Cat itself will that happen? A day? A week? A whole month?

      I don’t take away hard-modes, anyone who does them is a legend in my eyes, that’s impressive as hell.

  • Uru

    meh, i play since ’95 but i can’t remember at all : when 2.0 and 3.0 pre-exp patches hit in the past, the new final talents were packed in the patch already, or it was only a mid-step?
    for example, in 3.0 end of tbc, moonkins already had starfall? and warriors, titan grip?

    can’t remember at all ..

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      I re-read my post and found the bit that was too emotional “What on earth will I be writing about over this period? QQing? My latest free epic?” … that was out of context really, removed it. :)

  • Well, I think that this expansion transition will go a heck of a lot smoother than the BC transition. I think that it’s taking awhile for the “old timer” WoW players to realize that the way blizzard is intending to measure “success” at the most elite levels is not at all the same as it used to be. Back in the day, raid success was directly measured by the gear your toon was wearing. People could look at your toon and say “oh my, that person is teh hardcorz – they are wielding the sword of ultimate truth”. This lead to two big problems. First off, the symbol of your prowess was always destined to be replaced by the next best thing. How many of you recall the first time you got a green drop in the outlands that was significantly better than your old raid set? Did you sit there and think long and hard whether or not you should equip it? On the one hand, it had better stats, but on the other hand – it was nice to have people exclaim about your sword of ultimate truth. I know it bugged me, as I gradually replaced the awesome looking raid gear that let everyone else know how much of a badass I was with a goofball looking green item that made me look like I got my outfit out of a dumpster. The second, and much much more serious problem, is that if the upper levels of success were to be measured with the elite gear, that gear had to be difficult to get in order for it to mean anything. And if the gear was difficult to get, that meant that it limited who was able to run the next level of boss and see any of that content. Contrary to the belief of some of the “hard core set”, this game is not actually designed just for the elite few. Blizzard spends a lot of time designing raid encounters, and they realized how ridiculous it was to have less than 10% of their player base even step foot into these raids, let alone down bosses. So blizzard made some changes.

    Folks, it’s not about the loot anymore. Accept it and get over it.

    It is now very easy to get epic gear that is sufficient enough to run the end game content on normal mode. This is on purpose, and I hate to break it to some of you, but it will only get easier and easier to see this end game content. This means that a much much larger portion of the player base will actually be able to see the end game content – and that is a good thing. It is a good thing because that supports player retention, which means blizzard gets $$$, which means that they will continue to knock out cool new expansions/raids/etc. However, as easy as it is to get epic gear, it is not at all easy for most players to knock out the hard mode encounters, and therefore get the achievements required for the nice fancy new mounts. And mounts are the new epics everyone. Your gear may come and go, but by golly, those 310% movement mounts will be used even into the next expansion. If I can win Arthas’ flying undead horse drop, and by golly I’m going to try, you can be assured that I will be flying on that thing well into the next expansion. The mounts that you get on hard modes, or unlocked from hard mode achievements are the new way to measure your hard core raiding success. So until people start complaining on how easy getting those mounts are, and I’ve yet to see someone do so – I’d say it might be worth stepping back and taking a deep breath. The sky isn’t falling yet :)
    .-= Lasciell´s last blog ..Back on track =-.

  • It will be interesting to see if Blizzard time this transition to Cataclysm right, or not. They’ve had some practice at it now. Personally I’ve got lots of difficult content left to see and wipe against. After the normal mode content is cleared though, banging your head against hard mode content that is essentially the same with a twist, gets old fast. It’s not that it’s too easy (by any means!), it’s just that you end up seeing the same content over and over every night you play. Yes you’re refining your strat, becoming better at the encounter, but it sure can get like a boring part-time job. Happened with Ulduar personally, then with ToC. People end up playing alts, changing mains, moving to other games or spending more time in the Big Blue Room for a while. Hoping the transition is better in the lead up to Cat.

    By the way, how do we take advantage of these changes to game economics, given that there’s no WoW futures market in the traditional sense..? Guess I’m being lazy and haven’t googled the topic. Greedy goblin seems to be focused on Naxx clears, chat logs and meta-economics topics at the moment.
    .-= Chev´s last blog ..Taunt Table =-.

  • Lasciell I agree with a lot of what you said there – the ‘hard core set’ basically want bragging rights. That comes in the form of mounts, but also titles and high iLevel gear. The strange thing is, Gear Score has sadly become the new bragging right ‘That rogue had a 6k gearscore zomg!’ etc.

    If we’re talking about vanity, most showing off occurs in Dalaran, around the banks/fountains etc. Titles and gear score are easier to show off there. Even though Dal is a no-fly zone, people go to lengths to ‘flop out’ their new flying mount over a well, or on a bank railing, or hang around on the flight pad with no particular place to go, or hover around the entrance to the latest raid entrance. It’s more convenient to boast, passively, with gear score in Dalaran.

    The more ‘hard core’ you are, the less you probably have to use your mount too. You get summoned to raids, you get ported to dungeons for your 2 daily frost. But you jump on your 310% proto for epeenage whenever possible.

    I miss the days when epics really were epic.

    .-= Chev´s last blog ..Taunt Table =-.

  • My alchemist never made a lot on Flasks.. probably because I was not elixir specced. Transmutes of gems will still be good.. and now that titansteel is off cooldown I can make tons of it for basically free from Saronite.. then either make 245 gear on my blacksmith or somethin’.
    .-= sirfwalgman´s last blog ..A Tale of Two Buyins =-.

  • aeura

    hey wasn’t sure where to ask this, but I thought this post would be ok…
    If I am a 10-man raider with no chance at hard modes should I get 5 pieces of tier 10, or just the 4 piece bonus and the better gloves or chest?

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