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There really is quite a lot of meaning packed into these posts. What do you guys think?

Top guilds and raid encounters difficulty

Players try to play that card a lot, that skill isn’t a big deal because the mechanics are all pretty easy to understand, and therefore it’s the class mechanics that are to blame, not the player. I don’t buy it. I’ve seen the world first, or even server first kills of difficult bosses. Those players aren’t just good, they are exceptionally good. They are probably ten times better than the guilds who get those kills a month or two later, and that’s really no exaggeration. In fact, skill plays such a gigantic role that we have trouble balancing harder encounters. The skilled players can beat them without new gear while the second tier of players can never beat them. Now you can try to argue that all tanks are of about the same skill and it’s the dps or healers that really make up the difference, but I don’t buy that either. I’ve seen what the best tanks in the world do. They are really good. Don’t dismiss them as being just lucky or dedicated. Source.

Tanking homogenization

There are extremes. One is just giving everyone say block and parry and Last Stand and Demo Shout because heck those are useful, and no doubt some players would be thrilled by that. The other extreme is to be so stubborn and so scared of homogenization that we never make a change. It doesn’t surprise me at all that when a player finds his dude wanting, then looks around and sees a sexy ability or mechanic on another class that that grass can look awfully green. I’m just pointing out that homogenization is often our very last solution when all else has failed.

A great deal of WoW’s depth is because of the differences among the classes and among the various talent trees. We think it contributes to players not getting bored. We think it contributes to rerolling, perhaps trying another class when you get burned out instead of walking away from the game. It was cool for me the first time I healed a Feral druid in UBRS (if you’re still playing, you rocked by the way) because she tanked things differently and I had to heal her differently. I felt like I was discovering something new in the game. I would have been sad if someone had pointed out, Ghost, dude, that was just bear art. Mechanically, she was blocking and Sundering (this was pre Devastate) and basically being a warrior.

Resisting homogenization may not be important to you, but it is very important to us. Understand the huge mountain you have to climb whenever you’re asking us to put those concerns aside. You’re thinking about how to make your character a better tank. We’re thinking about how to keep this game popular for five more years, or even longer. Source.

Icy Talons changes clarifications

You put 5 points in Icy Talons. While fighting (and applying Frost Fever), you swing 20% faster. If you have talented Windfury Totem on you, you swing a total of 40% faster.

You now put a 6th point in Improved Icy Talons as well. You have a passive personal 25% haste at all times. When you engage in combat and apply Frost Fever, you now have 45% melee haste. If you have Windfury also, you still only have 45% haste since Windfury and Improved Icy Talons are exclusive.

This is basically a 20% haste buff to any DK who has Icy Talons and Improved Icy Talons. Source.

That is an insane amount of haste! You’d need a helluvalot of runic power to feed your rune strikes at that rate.

Will of the Necropolis Buff

As I’ve said several times now, the Will of the Necropolis change wasn’t an “OMG DKs are vanishing – let’s buff” decision. A couple of designers looked at the cooldown, evaluated how often it really mattered, concluded not often, and thought the ability would be simpler to understand, less frustrating, and perhaps a small DK buff without the cooldown. The paladin and warrior health adjustments were a result of seeing progression on hard mode encounters, where bosses tend to melee for a lot all the time so health might trump cooldowns. Neither of them were huge changes and you can make the argument that things might have been fine without the changes at all. We thought a small adjustment was appropriate. I concede that these things are often subjective and others might have made a different call than we made. Source.

On a fight where you have no real risk of dying, where your raid knows the boss really well and healers are well within their capability, WotN doesn’t help much. However, on progression fights or hard-modes, it can make a huge difference. It’s a backstop, it’s a Plan B, and it could keep you alive to compensate for a mistake.

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9 comments to Many interesting Blue posts

  • Kenshi

    On Icy Talons: doesn’t this make this a top tps tallent now and worth getting. As I’ve checked and during a 5 min fight I get 6-7 times a KM proc (2handed)

    On WoTN: nice change but not going see it proc often maybe on hardmodes more but for now I don’t go under 50 ever :) . I’m awaiting what the Lich 25m will do to me.

    But then again what does all this do to the Frost VS Blood discussion. Frost has better tps (IT change) and the +10% UA boost. Frost has more armor and miss rate.
    Blood as a AD now so I don’t know what the best one is anymore. If Blizzard tells us that WoTN is a trivial change then Frost is better to give the dps a bigger tps gap.

  • Instructions
    Twitter: awfullyquiet

    “If you have talented Windfury Totem on you, you swing a total of 40% faster.”

    I seriously doubt that’s going to last long, the OPness of it will be so dramatic, the threat will be so astronomical… and if you spec into 3/3 SOB, I’d look at just rune strike after rune strike after rune strike after rune strike, almost completely going w/o frost strike. Which got me thinking, if you could … would you go without using FS? if IT is indeed getting a threat boost, couldn’t you use your RP dumps on a TREMENDOUS amount of Rune Strikes, use IT/HB on your KM procs… I’m not sure if it’d be an overall threat gain, but definitely something to look into.

    Talenting deep into KM would also not be as useful with 45% melee haste either, since it proc changed, 1/5, probably behaves more like 2/5 with the changes to IT.

    Sample Spec for DW Frost, with 3/3 SOB, Rune Tap, and NO (i repeat, no frost strike)

    Just thoughts, no math yet to back it up.

  • Uru

    frost strike is still useful for magic caster mobs-bosses, where you don’t have many runestrike procs. imho still a mandatory talent, for 1point.

    also, there’s a ceiling on how many runestrikes you are going to fire, and it’s given by how much it procs…simple as that.

    if IIT is going to be so good, i’m just going to abandon KM, but keeping epidemic for improved obliterates + frost strike for magic mobs :

    totally different spec instead, if IT machinegun is going to work i could go for this: (abandon annihilation, use death strike to proc deathrunemastery since it’s just once every 20secs, rime kept to have 15% crit to IT – or even use Oblit without annihilation , it will eat the diseases but you are going to reapply ff just 1 sec after, so not much of an issue)

  • noob

    The amount of rune strike is still controlled by the amount of runic power. I dun see a problem here.
    To spec IIT atm, a couple of points is required from other talent so the 20% buff compensate this changes. It make sense now to have both e.shammy and frost dk in raid. This changes came a bit late imo, lich king is already dead :/

    • Instructions
      Twitter: awfullyquiet

      Other Talents = Killing Machine… really.

      I don’t think you got this though noob, the EShammy and DK only stack for the DK… not the raid. Which is great for threat.

      On the other hand, Glacial Rot vs Chill to the Grave seems very interesting… On one hand, yeah, you’re generating more RP, more FS/RS… on the other, you’re doing less damage, but more hits… and therefore every FS means less…

  • noob

    I know it only stack for DK zzz. That is good as a raid isn’t it, rather than before it serve no purpose to have the same buff which we cannot get any benefit from Icy talons if there is a shammy.

    Are u one of the guys from EJ, seriously stop the you are wrong, i m right type of comment. It makes people withdraw from giving ideas in this website.

  • Instructions
    Twitter: awfullyquiet

    Sorry, noob, I was trying to clarify to make sure that we were both on the same page insofar as the way the buff works. I used to post on EJ (but, I do most of my Theorycrafting and Logcrafting for priests and mages)… but, I’m ‘not’ of that caliber of douchebaggery that some are. Aside from the douchebaggery, there’s a lot of great numerical nuggets that come from EJ that we parse and give out as empirical wisdom that says x is better than y.

    What I was trying to say was, since the buffs are mutually exclusive now, there’s still no reason to bring BOTH Frost and an Enh. Shaman as the raidbuff doesn’t stack, your first post didn’t really clarify that and I was trying to enunciate what was on my mind. The reason was is that the only person that benefits from bring BOTH are the frost DK’s, which, as frost DK dps is rather low compared to UH and Blood, actual usefulness only comes when: you are a Frost tank and you want more threat (which is NOT the case now with DW Frost), or you’re an unholy/sub-frost dps who will benefit slightly more from the increase in haste than going sub-blood (as unholy is the best, numerically, DPS spec currently projected for 3.3.3 again). I guess I don’t count ‘personal dps gains’ as good for the raid, nor do I think that the extra threat is really necessary for Frost tanks (the only tanks liable to take 5/5 IIT) as Frost already produces some of the best threat of all 3 DK specs. It’s basically a wasted talent into personal DPS gains if you have an enhancement shaman in your group.

    Yes, you’re absolutely right though, that the amount of rune strikes are limited by your dodge chance + rp generation, but, as I was saying, with going SoB + CoTG, you’re liable for PLENTY of RP generation. Probably enough to consistantly use RS as it comes up (and you press it). The Amount of RS’s you will get will probably be a terrific amount, and you’ll have the RP to blow on them as they come up.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    What’s useful is that the Imp Icy Talons talent isn’t personally wasted in 3.33, as it is now, when you have an enh shaman. This makes it a talent useful for raiders who have an unpredictable raidcomp each week.

  • Awesome that they buffed Icy Talons. However, I’m looking even more forward to seeing Killing Machine fixed, like they talked about.
    .-= ViganĀ“s last blog ..Wish for Cataclysm: Shaman tanks! =-.

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