A hack that can bypass your authenticator!

There was a report of a user who suddenly had a memory error in WoW. After it crashed, he tried to log in again and had been hacked.

The answer has been found, and warning to you all; there’s a fake wowmatrix site which downloads a trojan. Read report at curse. The fake site looks the same but includes the trojan. They’re using google ads to promote the site. Name’s very similar.

wowmatrix is not the only site being faked though!

I use Curse client (it’s great) and this hack is one more reason you should be so careful with Windows machines. Get a Mac if you can :) , or at least be super careful.

The investigator found that Malwarebytes can detect this trojan, so I’ll be getting that app to provide more security. Note its real-time scan is paid-for, but its on-demand scanner is free.

This whole thing brought to my attention by Stratfu twitter.

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7 comments to A hack that can bypass your authenticator!

  • Angus

    Why get a mac if you can run WoW under wine on Linux? No need to spend loads of money on some overpriced commercial solution if you can have a better one for free – with full control over it also :) 2 weeks with Linux on your box and you will never look back.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Interesting, I hadn’t thought of using Linux to be honest. How hard is it to get say Flash CS4, mindmapper, Google Chrome (my favourite browser), Ventrilo and other key apps working?

  • Vinsint

    I used to use Linux and recently purchased a mac and Im glad to say that Linux just isnt worth the headache. The mac however was worth every penny.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I just gave up on my Ubuntu Linux experiment, and installed Windows 7. I really liked Linux, even its UI appealed to me. It’s just not a gamer’s OS.

  • Sean

    @Vinsint:  You know that OSX is built on BSD right?  It’s not quite, but almost “linux”.
    That’s a whole lotta pennies you paid for the mac.  My 8GB (ram) win7 box cost me just under $600.

  • Valdrel

    MAC’s are just as vulnerable as PC’s. The only reason you don’t hear that much about it is because very few people use them compared to PC’s. Hackers know this as well. Why aim for the small target when you can accomplish so much more and easier by hitting the side of the barn. =)

    So, MAC users better pray the market share doesn’t tilt in their favor.

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