Updated strategies index

I’ve put some new references into my meta-guide of Icecrown boss strategies.

The new content is from bloggers Death Goddess (Hinenuitepo), Divine Plea, Children of Wrath (Renaissance Man), Wrathy, Leafhead. Included are two blog posts on the Lich King, plus one remarkably definitive 10-man guide that Leafhead referred me to.

I also want to highlight a superb post from Veneretio on consistency. It is about how you do the same thing, predictably, so your raid knows what you will do, where you will be. So your fellow tanks know. It’s an important concept, and Vene covers is beautifully.

My guide of guides is a handy reference to Icecrown raid.

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  • Veneretio’s post is something I’ve commented about before over at maintankadin, generally when saying something along the lines of “there’s more to tanking than running a proper threat rotation.”

    He brought up an interesting point, though, that it doesn’t matter how consistant you are, if it’s not what the raid you’re in expects. I think I’m lucky there, as the MT/RL for the server’s most progressed guild, generally the accepted server strats are whatever I came up with, so I’ve never had to think about it.

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