The class you avoid playing

I was thinking today about which class, or classes, I totally avoid playing. I have interest in my DK (obviously) and my Druid alt (resto). I have loved and raided with a Hunter, Warlock, Paladin and Mage. Only the Mage is on my new realm, the others are inactive now on my former EU realm, but I’d play those classes if I didn’t have to level new ones. I’ve played a Rogue to L33 or so, pretty fun really stabbing everything, a Priest to about L20 and Warrior to L35. Never got a Shaman past L10, though.

I read Khass’ blog today about elemental shaman and the problems his guild has in finding a good one. He talks about then pulling his old Shaman out of retirement to work out, what kind of dps can these babies do, and prove it’s not a failspec.

It got me thinking, am I averse to levelling rogue/priest/warrior/shaman? Do I not enjoy their low-level experience?

Maybe, I’m not sure, but I don’t really enjoy levelling all that much. I’ve done it too many times, I remember all the quests, I have a built-in quest optimiser in my brain because I remember which quests I’ll get later on that have the same kill-targets or quest-area.

In the past, I’d asked what class would you play if you couldn’t tank, as most readers here are passionate tanks.

So now the reverse, I’m curious if you have classes you avoid?

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  • I’ve leveled most classes to at least 70, if not 80. There’s only two classes that I could just never get past level 20 or so; Warrior and Mage – and both for similar reasons I think. Regardless of whether or not it’s actually true, both of those classes feel like they have so much downtime between pulls when leveling. My first class was a Warlock, which I leveled in affliction. To me, at least while leveling, Mages feel like a totally inferior Warlock. Perhaps leveling gets better later on, and certainly Mages look like fun in raids, but I hate hate hate having to drink up my mana after every single kill. It drives me up the wall. Same deal with Warriors. I felt like I was eating all of the time. It was like my Warrior needed some Jenny Craig help or something. I guess the same could be said about Rogues, but I really love sneaking around, so that made up for the down time. Perhaps the “problem” is that some classes have so little down time at all when leveling, that all other classes seem slow as molasses in comparison. When I look at the classes I enjoyed leveling the most, they were the ones that could just go go go non stop the entire leveling process; DK’s, Warlocks, Hunters, Druids, and my Paladin were my favorites to level by far.
    .-= Lasciell´s last blog ..Back on track =-.

    • Judgeratt

      I had the same feelings while leveling my mage. I don’t recall why I kept at it, but once I hit 20 everything was better. Evocation, Glyph of Evocation, Blink, a mount, Teleport, Cold Snap… I would be very surprised if there is such an awesome level for any other class pre-80. The character’s my only one on his particular server so he has no heirlooms or sugar-daddies, but between Herbalism and a few choice greens from the AH I have very little downtime. I imagine that if he were a Draenei or Forsaken and had heirlooms he would have *zero* downtime.

      • You know, what you said makes me think that I might have more fun leveling a Mage nowadays than when I last tried it. The last time I tried leveling a Mage was in the Burning Crusade expansion, so no Evocate glyph or other such goodies. I might have to give it another shot!
        .-= Lasciell´s last blog ..Back on track =-.

  • Shieldbreakr
    Twitter: shieldbreakr

    I recently started playing mage full time since my new guild doesn’t need my deathknight to tank and I have to say that it is a blast (pun intended). I raided as a Mage in TBC and I think the style just clicks with my mindset really well. I also have an 80 Hunter, Shaman and 77 Tankadin, but I dislike playing them. I’m not sure why. I sure as hell wouldn’t be caught healing.

    My advice: Level a mage, enjoy the change of pace. After tanking as a DK since Wrath dropped, it’s a great switch-up with your game and you will find you enjoy playing more.

  • tadrinth

    I’ve started a couple of paladin alts and never gotten past 35 or so. Usually I can barely get them past level 10. Haven’t tried in WOTLK, but back in TBC they were so boring to level, with only judgement, exorcism, and autoattack until level 50. Maybe they’re better now. I think the other reason is that they’re a very popular class and easy to play well, and I’m a sucker for picking up classes that I see played badly. Thus the elem shaman (who was going to be enhance back when enhance was super counterintuitive), the DK, the shadow priest, and the current demonology warlock.

  • Uru

    they did a lot of improvements for leveling low chars in wotlk indeed.
    my paladin in tbc was a total pain to level (drinking each 1-2 mobs, only judgment usable or you were drinking even more if possible), but now friends rerollers all tell me paladin now is a breeze.
    warrior got victory rush at low levels recently , it rocks.
    leveling the mage now and i can spam no-stop frostbolt pulling continuosly.
    rogue is a blast, ambush oneshots the mobs with 90% crit alone from talents (!!!)
    shaman had instaheals all the way and infinite mana in enha spec.

    etc etc

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I just did to L5 on an alt, and it’s definitely much easier than before. Mana issues largely gone (they boosted noob mana regen) and mostly neutral mobs in starting zone, so you don’t have the difficulties in some quests in caves or houses like before.

  • Shadovar

    Druid simply doesn’t interest me.  Apart from that was always happy to play just about anything.
    I used to love pallies, but ever since raiding with my DK I’ve found pally too boring.  I can barely even bring myself to log my pally on anymore.  I try to convince myself I can retrain his DPS spec into Healing for some variety, but even that doesn’t spark interest,  a pally is still a pally and feels too “easy”.
    DK is far and away my favourite class, squeezing out every last ounce of DPS with tiny tweaks to climb up the meters while still providing awesome raid buffs, or actually being challenged while tanking is just too much fun.

  • Doc

    Ooh, this is a no brainer to me.  WARLOCk.  I hate the class.  It wasn’t hard to play.  I have tried 6 different times to learn to love em.  Got one up to 38, the only fun I had at all was in battlegrounds.  Fear spam, who cares about damage?  I have 6 80s, have been playing since late in vanilla.  Warrior was my first toon.  Then a priest.  Loved em both.  When bc came out (why cant I kill those damn elves?) I leveled a pally after a few months.  But I have tried warlock in all the different expansions.  Nope, cant do it.

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