It’s pretty mortifying to type /played.

If you want, log on your alts and check them too, or better yet: get the Altoholic addon which does it for you (amongst other more important features, like searchable banks and gold, all alts’ talents and such).

Because I played on EU realms for two years, I’m missing a lot of hours on my Altoholic summary. I can’t log onto those characters to add their time, and to be frank I have no idea how many hours I racked up whilst over there.

Do remember to smell the flowers once in a while, and don’t let your wife or kids be a second priority behind gaming.

After that, share your own Altoholic summary! :)

Click to enlarge. Yes that’s 129 days /played, even when missing two years of gaming in EU.

See the latest alt? Gravitation on the bloggers’ guild Single Abstract Noun. He won’t get played much. That guild already has 150 alts.

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5 comments to /played

  • Maitahl


    I’ve been using altoholic for a while now. Great little mod.

    also my wife and 4 year old play wow. Course the 4 year old just likes to play dress up the mage and walk around iron forge.

    227 days played

    74 days on my priest – first raiding character
    123 days on my lock – next raiding character
    24 days on my hunter – next raiding character
    22 days on my dk – current raid character

  • Brangwen
    Twitter: kowari1

    I loves me some altaholic!
    I am WAY to scared to look at the little summary at the bottom of the screen. Speaking of spammy mods, altaholic is quite spammy with others that have it installed – the section called datastore or something like that. It is the database sharing bit for other people with altaholic installed. For that reason I turn it OFF when raiding.

    Addon Control Panel is wonderful for that if you want that kind of in game control of which addons are “on” at a time.
    .-= Brangwen┬┤s last blog ..Hot tip for the cold top =-.

  • I dread doing that calculation, but since I haven’t done so in a year or more, here goes:

    EU toons (started in April 08): 141 days, 12 hours

    US toons (started in September 05): 355 days, 12 hours

    In total, that’s 497 days out of about 1651.5 days since I first started playing, which is 29.99% of my life. Eek.

    The bright spot (if you can consider it that) is that the ratio on my EU toons is much better – 20%. It’s probably a few points higher beacause I’m splitting my time between EU and US right now, but still.

    It’s also interesting for me to see that none of the characters I currently consider my “main” come anywhere close to the played time for my first, second or third raiding characters (by a margin of nearly 50%).

    Of course, I’m getting seriously burned out now, and if it weren’t for wanting to boost my chances of getting into the beta (and thus have some hands-on stuff to write about), I’d probably let the sub on my EU accounts lapse and just play my US tank for the daily and level up a little hordie with a friend. I get enjoyment out of playing for an hour or two a few nights a week, but I can’t do the constant burn anymore, and if I try to it’s just going to sour me even to Cataclysm.
    .-= Karatheya┬┤s last blog ..Reforged Loot Distribution =-.

  • Uru

    worst console command in game, seriously ;)
    feels a bit better if you can think at wow like a serious hobby and not like something you should escape of any moment to make your life better. like, for example “how much time i passed my life watching movies?”.
    ehr..something like that.

  • Instructions
    Twitter: awfullyquiet

    I don’t want to look at this.

    I think it’d be pathetic to see what percentage of my life I’ve played this game in the last year and a half. (Really it’s like 64 days played in 15 months)… which is 15%… About 4 hours a day, every day, for the past 15 months since I’ve been unemployed! Meh, I find some legitimate sense of accomplishment in doing what I do, in the friendships I forge, in the accomplishments I do. The only difference is that I do these while sitting on my arse spamming heart strike.

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