Parents who play WoW

The other day I was remembering how I played WoW with my baby son asleep in my arms. I think he was no older than a year. My wife would feed him, then go to sleep exhausted early in the evening, and I’d stay up with him. Sometimes in my arms, or once he was truly asleep I’d move him into the cot. Generally the little fella would wake two or three hours later, and I’d stop gaming, wake my wife, she’d feed him and I’d then go to bed myself.

Something like that, it was about three years ago and my memory of details like that isn’t so good. I can remember the names of most DK talents though. Geeky.

(Check this hilarious video too, thanks Kiku).

I was playing my healer at the time, mostly and had bound rejuvenation, healing touch and regrowth to my mouse. I used some predecessor of Clique, don’t recall its name, and looked after the raid with with click-to-heal whilst looking after my son with the other arm.

Now he’s four, and really into anything tough or strong. He likes baddies, not goodies, and thus is keen to make characters in WoW that look mean and go attack things. He gets bored after a while though, and doesn’t like killing animals (smart, really).

My daughter loves to make pretty-looking girls. The female elves in Allods Online are much more her style, though, they’re gorgeous (really) and she loves them. She likes to watch them swim or run, but not fight at all.

There are a lot of parent gamers. Some are women.

Generally it’s only goodness, but Spinks wrote a disturbing post the other day about parents using it as a form of babysitting. Then, sickeningly, getting upset at the 5-man when they didn’t properly care for the kid (who of course, they didn’t know was a kid, nor that the parent had left them there). Trailer-trash, probably.

Women are parents too, and I am regularly ashamed of humans when I hear about harassment. It happens all too often. Like Tankspot, I’m going to have zero tolerance for any creepyness in the forums, and likewise as a GM I had a firm line on it. No perverts.

The ladies of empowered fire have talked about this a few times, and I get really angry to hear about any woman being treated poorly just because the fucktard is anonymous and ‘safe’ so he can devolve to a primordial rapist-wannabe.

Playing with your kids

I’ve read wonderful stories of older ladies who play WoW with their younger kids, and of young dads who get quality-time with their son when other methods have failed. Heart-warming. I wish I could find those articles for you, they were in somewhere in the past.

One was a writer who described her mom as the worst gamer ever. :)

Big topic

This really is a big topic. There’s enough to write a blog a day on the different aspects, such as social-breakdown, voyeurism on facebook, guilds based on shared-values, families who game together, and so on.

Instead though, since I want to write about the 3.33 changes next, I’ll finish by saying: it’s remarkable how little sleep I’ve had this week whilst my wife’s been away, the house is a mess, but my kids are having a great time with me and I love getting them to bed early so I can get back to the game.  :P

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