DK tank in 3.33

I have given most of the lead posts a once-over where they relate to tank specs, checking for 3.33 accuracy. Largely done, and there isn’t much change in 3.33 tank specs anyhow.

The most significant change to specs is [spell]improved icy talons[/spell] which I talked about the other day. Generally Blood tanks will have already spec’d into [spell]will of the necropolis[/spell], but if not, you should seriously think about it. I consider it mandatory for raiding, and optional if you seriously overgear the content.

I’d like to do some sims and maths on IIT and work out which talent trade-offs are best now, overall, to spec into it. I’m curious about the impact of the proc-nerf we had a while ago too, which effected a number of our talents, albeit in a generally small way. I’ve a busy time at work this week though, so won’t get to it as quickly as I’d like.

Fortunately, the changes are not so major that you’ll die without absolutely minmax perfect specs, and you can always chat intelligently with other DK tanks in the forums.

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3 comments to DK tank in 3.33

  • Evilcabell

    Are the glyph changes significant? Specifically, should I be considering using the glyph of disease?

  • Ténacity
    Twitter: xxiceman720xx

    Hey Grav thanks for the info!
    Are you going to be updating the “DK TANK SPECS” page soon or are you still waiting to for the results of your simulations?
    Looking forward to seeing the numbers!

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    @Evil: Glyph changes do not help us at all. IBF is for PvPers, Disease is weird tbh, and for dpsers anyhow.

    @Ten: in time, yes, might not be til the weekend. What I did though already is check the blood/frost/unholy pages that ‘dk tank specs’ links to and checked they were about right.

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