Wives who hate WoW

Mine hates gaming, not WoW per se, but all computer games. “It’s not productive.”

I knew a guy who was really into golf. He went for a two week golf holiday, leaving his pregnant wife at home while he travelled to Scotland. Then, all year, he played golf every Saturday morning (at least), for what four hours or however long 18 holes takes, and would try to do some swings most mornings. He was more addicted to golf than I am to WoW, and spent a lot more money on it too.

I had a friend who loved fishing. This involved driving away for the whole weekend, which he did monthly, and in the right season he’d go fortnightly. River fly fishing I think was the busy time.

Another several friends watch a lot of TV, hours each week. I don’t watch any TV at all, nor movies. Every year or two, I get into CSI and forensic shows, watch them for an hour a week. I don’t have cable/satellite.

Some guys go out socialising with works mates one night a week, drinking. I don’t.

Worst example is people who are gamblers, and waste money and time at casinos, online poker, real poker or whatever. Gambling money is a stupid thing to do.

Do the wives of these others guys hate what their partner’s doing? Why do computer games have a stigma.

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22 comments to Wives who hate WoW

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Hey Everblue, you had rage because dps warriors have no agro-reduction talents. :P

    Seriously though, agreed on the priorities.

  • Do not make me pull out the Asian dude who died in the game parlor card.. I will do it man! WoW could be considered dangerous. In many ways any addiction CAN BE dangerous. I tend to agree that on the spectrum of things WoW might be less dangerous than poker but that again is a judgment call like your wife is making about your hobby.

  • Harahel

    This was a really great topic to read.  Many of the comments have been very insightful.  My fiance and I used this as a springboard for a conversation.  Here is what she had to say about it:

    “My fiance games, but it’s not the actual game that bothers me.  In fact, he did a very good job of incorporating me in game play at the beginning of our relationship.  I like playing, but do not have enough time to truly enjoy it right now due to work.  I do get the occasional few minutes for facebook and such, but larger blocks of time just don’t seem to exist for me.  Like I said, it’s not the actual game that bothers me.  I’m glad he knows how to unwind.  What bothers me are two things.  One, the amount of time can become extensive at times.  Golfers may only play 4-5 hours every Saturday, but at times he can spend 4-5 hours a night playing.  That’s when I feel ignored.

    “Secondly, maintaining priorities is a constant struggle.  As long as the responsibilities are taken care of (cleaning, work, etc.), I don’t care how he spends his time after that, as long as I get a little attention each night.  My problem is when responsibilities are left for me to complete due to his playing.  Now don’t get me wrong, we do share jobs around the house.  It’s not like he has to do everything, but I don’t want to do everything either.  I want an equal partnership.

    “One of the things that has helped our relationship is communication.  He lets me know in advance when raids are scheduled, so that I can schedule my own personal time (what little there is), so I don’t feel like I’m ignored for a night.  That’s called being proactive.  We are still working on getting a correct balance, and realize that the center point will constantly shift due to that little thing called life, but we will continue to work on it.”

    Again guys, this was a really great post, and I think it may have been the first WoW blog that my fiance has read.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Awesome! Thanks for giving your lady’s side. My wife and I do the same. I have told her ‘every Thursday night I raid’ and she generally can then work around that, even though sometimes she gets grumpy about it anyhow. :)

  • LOL. Btw I don’t mean to seem like I am picking on you or your points are not valid (from my post or anything).. I think your an intelligent guy and have good opinions.
    As far as your questions on my blog – Personally I am probably up 1-2 grand over five years. So not very much “profit”. My website makes me 600/yr and that I use to play poker online. I have had times I have cashed out for 1k or more. Basically though I just play for free and try and enjoy myself and make friends through the blog… sort of like WoW. Some of my friends are MUCH more successful. Some have won 25-50K a year consistently.. and some of the VERY high level player (of whom I know none) make a TON of money.
    Nice having a friendly discussion with you though and keep up the great WoW posts.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      That is interesting. Perhaps online poker was a bad example because you are pitched against other people, so having a superior mindset can put the odds in your favour. In a casino, the odds are deliberately stacked against you, and it was that scenario I had in mind.

      Nothing personal taken, like I said, you’re a gentleman.

  • Deathrise

    Alcohol, what is also an adictive activity kills more people than WoW :P , or high risk sports, so computer gaming  is just another kind of hobby.
    Why do they hate CG more than other activities?
    Because they are watching you and they feel like “is that more important than family or even than me because i have things to do and he is not helping at all?”
    Maybe she will feel better if you say “burr, ill go drinking with my friends and will maybe stay out all the night” then she will say nothing.
    But if you stay at home and raid ICC25 Heroic and you are tanking LK and he has 1% left and raid has 25/25 alive, but you are in the right second you need to taunt because your 120k dps is about to pull off you, she just say “can you please taste the food i’m cooking with all my love for you” and you say “can you please wait for 1 second this @#%er is pulling off me and we are almost done” then she stars crying and she said “well, right now wow or me?” you say “please just a second, then i can be with you” then everything is quite now you kill LK and loot it and get First Server Kill, you fest with your friends for 3 mins and then go as the thunder to your wife.
    You realize she left the house with your kids and all your cloths are outside.
    Can someone said this has NEVER happened to you? (not that exteme indeed) but can you?

  • Sentinus

    I can sympathize with some of you how WoW has been your new life, and has pushed your old one out of the way. I’m a full-out gamer, being only 15 years old, but am hard at work when it comes to school. In September-October last year, I certainly wasn’t. I was playing from the time I got home from school to midnight. It was a great feeling when I finally got my first character (Night Elf Warrior) to level 80, but that’s when I realized that I had to stop screwing around and get to my schoolwork.
    You have to be very careful, because of this, I started to fail a lot of classes, but once I got it off of my mind, I intensely improved my grades. I have just started playing casually again, but will not be playing Retail until the summer. My parents found that I felt much less stressed when I played WoW, so they allowed it.

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