Pulled so many ways

It feels like an odd phase for WoW. Here are a few snippets from my perspective:

  • I’m really looking forward to Cataclysm.
  • I’m also really going to enjoy Ruby Sanctum.
  • I can’t wait to kill Asshat, since my little guild’s up to Sindragosa, he’s not so far away now.
  • I have done more dailies on my druid than my DK over the last week, but since I only need Frosties on the DK and have limited time to play most days, the last few times I’ve just played the healer. This is because, per hour I have a good probability of gaining something on the druid and even the Triumph emblems are useful.
  • I have not had time to read many other bloggers’ sites for a week or two with 52 unread articles waiting for me.
  • Over the last fortnight, I’ve spent tens of hours in the pwnwear forums’ administration system and on my test server.

WoW is sort of between expansions, with this looming anticipation of Cataclysm, but not even finished with the current content. At some point, the lethargy will really kick in, but not yet for most people. It was just a month ago I checked my /played and threeweeks ago tried a newbie Warlock.

I expect many other people are just passing their time, even though there’s still unfinished business in Northrend, yet not fully disengaging from WoW.

Blizzard certainly have no loss of momentum on either v3 content or v4. They even patched 3.33 very nicely. (Did you notice new members brought midway into a PUG now teleport to your location? Small tweak ftw).

I wonder if the ongoing engagement we have with the future in Cataclysm enthuses common casual players too, or if it’s just the more long-term players who get their teeth into it. In fact I doubt that new recruits to WoW, who started with WotLK, have slowed down at all. I called it the “free epics” period, and I think it started in late February. The increasing ease of attaining Frost emblems is testament to the change.

There is so much fun to be had in WoW, so many games within the game, that I suspect it’s really only after five years playing it that you get a lull like this. I couldn’t level another alt from 1 to 85, that’s for sure. Stuff that.

Guild leaders would have noticed, and the smart ones would be planning ahead already. Retention. Recruitment. Rejuvenation for Cataclysm. Wondering what classes they’ll be missing at L85: healers, tanks, dps? Many rerolls will occur, as they always do at a time of change. Many others will use the xpac to call it quits, whilst new players will join up and step into the improved newbie experience my Warlock enjoyed.

I’m really looking forward to the DK class sneak preview this week, too, even though their implementation is many months off. I love this game! The DK tank community will discuss it in the forums and I’ll also blog my views.

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5 comments to Pulled so many ways

  • Rhidach
    Twitter: Rhidach

    I think I have a month or two before I start seeing serious turnover from lethargy. People seem engaged in ICC still, and there’s the Ruby Sanctum to spice things up. I am actively watching everyone and polling people to see how their interest in the game is doing. Last thing I need is burnout as we get closer to Arthas.

  • I liked the way this post captured the vibe of WoW at the moment. Tried to graph it in the simplest possible way.
    .-= Chev´s last blog ..Attendance Issues =-.

  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    For my guild, most people start taking breaks, like said, the dead of Arthas had brought half the epic lore of wow with him, but the main reason of people taking breaks are due to school, most of em are coincidently at their last sem or preparing for high school exam.
    Personally im half taking break as well as im not playing my dk anymore until maybe something interest pop before cata or cata release. I just need to work on some dps class thats it, mage and warlock to go before i got all class to 80. lols.
    At the moment im planning stuff for Cata, most likely my main in Cata would be DK (Tank), Priest (Healer), Hunter (boredomness dump), and was recently discussing with some of the “over active” guildies about cata, how we gonna tackle and progress together, etc, while looking for possible “mother-guild” to merge (coz we’re really done with running a raiding guild)
    The only thing unfinished for Wotlk for me still is killing Arthas, thats all. Since i’m not an achievement whore, i think thats about it. :)

  • Drunknite

    Well if you have alts you may spend time gearing/leveling since gear and leveling is so easy to do once you have a lvl 80 already.

  • Sazh

    My DK is stuck in a bad place. Our guild is doing ICC and holds one regular TOC25 run for <em>all</em> the new people wanting to raid. Competition is fierce for 245 drops, and to participate in ICC25 we need to be in full 245. ICC10? We’re told to pug it. (And no, haven’t been too successful finding pugs for it.)
    So I’ve basically given up Arthas for now, just doing some old world achievements, and wait for the gear reset.
    I <em>am</em> looking forward to starting a new alt in Cataclysm, though. New streamlined quests and simplified stats mechanic that once again make old world gear really useful? I think it’d be a loss to miss out on that. They’re also putting in new low-level spells for select classes. Areas flooded and terrain changed? Leveling from level 1 again is the best way to see it.
    So I’m saving up emblems for a full set of heirlooms. :D

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