TankadinTPS tweak for Icy Touch threat

TankadinTPS is the mis-named addon which gives you fantastic in-game threat analysis, by ability. It knows DK threat.

Tiima posted results of some testing whilst discussing [item]glyph of disease[/item]. Tiima makes the point the glyph of disease gives more choice to the tank: do I need more threat or self-healing?

Kuren gives the change required to the addon to correct Icy Touch is to paste this into the ttpsDeathknight.lua file around line 54:

-- Icy Touch
 [49909] = 7,


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1 comment to TankadinTPS tweak for Icy Touch threat

  • Kuren

    I didn’t post the full section being modified.  Here is the code in question with the added lines for Icy Touch:
    -- ability modifiers
    instance:JoinTables(instance.AbilityModifiers, {
    -- Death & Decay
    [49938] = 1.9,

    -- Rune Strike
    [56815] = 1.75,

    -- Icy Touch
    [49909] = 7

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