Sponsorship plus Murmur server

I’ve set up a donation system if you wanted to sponsor pwnwear’s DK tank forums.

You can be a sponsor to help me with the server costs. Or, if you want a Murmur voice comms server too, I have set one up on my dedicated hardware.

There are two options:

  1. $20 for four month’s sponsorship including a dedicated 30 slot Murmur voice server, plus sponsor benefits
  2. $20 for a year’s sponsorship, no voice server, just the sponsor benefits

Every raiding guild has a voice comm server already. So you can switch to the pwnwear voice server at your contract expiry.

Read about the Murmur voice comms server here including all settings, configuration and detailed information.

Murmur’s server
My dedicated host is running CentOS v5.4, with 3000 GB up and another 3000GB down bandwidth per month. It’s in a high-availability datacentre with 30 minute SLA and hardware replacement, fully managed and monitored. Located in Lansing, MI (USA). It has all the credentials to be a very capable server for voice that people can rely on.

Sponsor Benefits
Firstly, you help with the hosting costs for the DK tank forums. That’s the main reason. We have benefits for sponsorship, so you get a great secondary gain.
The benefits for all sponsors are:

  • Much more private message storage on forums
  • An @pwnwear.com email address if you want it, with web-based access, plus google-talk compatibility
  • Cool coloured name tag on forums, to show your support with pride
  • future benefits like a big image gallery for example

How to pay
Please use the paypal donation page I have set up.
You need to be signed in to the forums for the automatic promotion to Sponsor group.

I intend to share income/cost information with the community. This will probably be a monthly report.
I am not trying to make a profit from the forums, just to cover costs.

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