Tooltip-enabled talent tree, explains Blood

I put together a nifty talent tree, with tooltips I wrote to explain each Blood talent. I explain each talent, saying if its mandatory or not, how good it is for threat.

It looks like this, embedded it in the forum version of my blood tank 3.3.3 post. Click to go through.

I intend to use this tooltip technique to provide insight when we see the Cataclysm beta talent trees, too. I’ve provided the codes needed so members on the pwnwear forums can produce similar things.

In the mean time, it should be particularly helpful for tanks new to, or re-exploring, Blood tanking. Also note we have Vexill’s overall DK tank guide in the forums.

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7 comments to Tooltip-enabled talent tree, explains Blood

  • Metaneira
    Twitter: sostrate

    Okay, that settles it: I’m rolling a DK and learning to tank on her.  Having three different tanks isn’t crazy, right?  ;)
    By-the-by, using the tab button to take me to the next field actually skips me down to the log-in fields on the sidebar.  Not sure why or if that’s easily fixable, but thought you’d like to know.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      You’d look good as a female blood elf DK. Tanks are ftw, go on, have a stable of them :)

      Thanks for the pointer on comments field; I just changed the anti-spam addon the other day, actually, guess this is a consequence.

    • Shayzani
      Twitter: Shayzani

      I’ve got one of each kind of tank so no, I don’t think three tanks is crazy >.>

  • Lashe

    This is awesome!  Will definitely be helpful when I’m giving tips to new tanks  :)

  • Ferfeydk

    Crazy? No way!
    I have 4 tanks at 80 all in 232 gear and beyond.
    Two of them are DKs!

  • TheCarver

    Awesome, simply awesome.  Thanks!

  • PhantomBuddha

    Sign me up as a fellow “4tankPsycho”. One of each class and I have to say leading raids after learning each tanking in raid situations is extremely helpful.

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