My favourite keybinding

I have the skull bound to a mouse button.

One side button is skull or shift-click for X, the other is Ventrilo push-to-talk.

It makes 5-mans really smooth because I can mark up a skull so quickly, the DPS see it before I engage. This can help if you’re tanking in Blood spec and want to establish threat with its weaker AOE. DPSers generally follow markings.

I need a new fancy gaming mouse, will get one eventually, but for now I use this really old crappy one with two side buttons.

Keybinding in general is further discussed over here.

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6 comments to My favourite keybinding

  • I’ve really tried that with the mouse but I find the thumb buttons just so uncomfortable to use that I’ve come to use ctrl-V, shift-V and alt-V for skull, cross and square, works like a charm. (pun not intended)
    Oh, and you should maybe check the tab order of this comment form, it’s weird. I’m getting jumps to the login in the lower right all the time

  • PhantomBuddha

    I’ve come to love the hell out of the Razer Naga, even though I absolutely hated its concept since it was announced.  Thumb comfort was a huge issue for me early on in the muscle memory adoption phase with the naga; for some reason I had a death grip(hah) on the mouse with my thumb, which was causing problems in using the thumb buttons and in cramping.  Once I started to relax, and redefined which thumb buttons I was using it became natural.
    I now only use the bottom 2 rows of buttons there, 3/6/9/12 go unused due to their positions being awkward to reach.  I can’t play without the thing now, it even travels with me…safely snugged away in my carry on backpack.
    If you are looking for an intermediate step before the Naga type gaming mouse, the Logitech MX Revolution was an outstanding one to really get deep into keybindings with.  It also had really solid comfort to it for long sessions.  The only complaint I could come up with about it, was that having to carry it’s docking station with me when I traveled was a pain; but worth it!

  • zelmaru
    Twitter: murlocparliamen

    I have a crappy mouse with no side buttons, so I actually use a foot pedal for vent.  I find that if I use the foot pedal, I don’t “skip a beat” with my healing because my hands don’t have to do ANYTHING different to activate vent.
    But I do have to play barefoot!
    (Of course, I wasn’t paid for this endorsement or given free products.  I bought this sucker with my hard-earned cash.)

  • deski

    Great article I’ve just added to my bookmark list.

  • This is my mouse:
    I don’t have skull bound to any of the 17 buttons. Never really felt the need to mark anything in heroics with my Blood spec (though I’m using 2pt t10 bonus). Threat nameplates help a lot though and without them I’d probably need some marking.
    The Naga took some time to get used to and the mouse was actually smaller than I thought. Can warmly recommend this mouse though.
    Coming from a Logitech mx510-user, for 5 years.

  • I do have the top side button bound to PTT for Vent, because I typically can’t move my hands much from “home position” when tanking in order to talk.
    I have a marking macro for dungeons- bound to T.  The rear side button on the mouse is used for backing up, something else I find it enormously helpful to be able to use my mouse for.  Between my two gaming mice, the strafe keys are also bound to easy-reached mouse buttons as well.

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